Finding Value In The Unexpected and Uncontrollable

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My Roommate Is a Cat Episode 7 Review

We know Subaru doesn’t really like dealing with people, hates interruptions to what he is doing, and generally isn’t great at dealing with the unexpected, and this episode gives him a dose of all three. However, rather than being an excuse to bring the curt Subaru back from episode one, the series of events this week shows just how much owning Haru and the interactions Subaru has had in the last six episodes have changed him. That said I think he would still prefer to be left alone so his inherent character hasn’t changed.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 7

The episode begins with Subaru meeting his editor and they are picking out covers for his book. As usual the editor is prattling away and seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is incredibly annoying but Subaru actually just keep focused on looking at the options in front of him. It isn’t until the editor asks him about a book signing that Subaru actually shuts him down. All things considered with Subaru’s character it makes sense, though you have to wonder how that effects his career.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 7

During this sequence though the childhood friend shows up with a tribe of siblings in tow. Apparently they came to play with Haru, because randomly invading someone’s house without notice to visit their cat is a perfectly sensible thing to do. It would have made more sense if Subaru had been involved with them growing up of similar but he didn’t even know the younger siblings, so the whole scenario is just kind of weird.

However, rather than venting frustrations, Subaru actually goes with things. Part of that is probably shock and inability to figure out how to throw them out, but that also is a sign of growth in that he actually cares about how to go about removing the problem rather than just wanting it gone.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 7 Subaru and Haru

While there’s nothing overly profound here, the kids are actually surprisingly cute, their interactions with Haru mostly benign, and Subaru actually makes some progress by the end as he reconsiders at least thinking about the book signing. Of course, the real precious moment comes from Haru and Subaru both curling up and going to sleep, exhausted from dealing with others. Owner and cat are definitely very similar here.

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