Final Fantasy X Remastered Impressions

Yep, it’s impressions on a game because March Comes in Like a Lion didn’t have an episode this week. And what a game it is. This is Final Fantasy X. My favourite Final Fantasy ever.

I first played this on the playstation 2 quite a long time ago so I was kind of excited to see it available on Steam apparently remastered. I’m not very far into my play through at this point but there are a few things that I’m really enjoying about revisiting this game.

01. The characters are still as fun as ever. I always loved the cast of this game and the banter between the characters. Okay, some moments are pretty dreadful such as the Macarena joke (and I’m really hoping that the joke was something added to the dub and never appeared in the original script) but for the most part the exchanges between the characters are really entertaining.

02. I can actually turn off the random encounters. Normally you wouldn’t want to do this as you really need those encounters to get stronger but as you can’t save unless you reach a save sphere and sometimes those encounters really make the time you are stuck playing drag out, when you are ready to call it quits (or have to go somewhere) turning off the encounters and sprinting to the next save point is a fantastic feeling.

I remember how many times I had to replay sections of the game on the playstation because I couldn’t save and had to stop.

03. I really just love the story in this game. It isn’t a pretty straight forward quest where we get a twist toward the end that fits perfectly with what you’ve been told about the world.

04. Given my last Final Fantasy game was XIII, I actually am enjoying this return to true turn based combat. Okay, the characters look silly as they stand and bob on the spot and wait for their turn but it at least let’s you think through your sequence of attacks and as you can see the order of attacks you can think through when to defend and when to strike and it becomes more tactical than button mash which I kind of enjoy.

I will review this game when I finish this play through (so a long time from now given I’m moving very slowly through it) and I also go X-2 with this which I’ve never played so I’m kind of looking forward to that. Probably the biggest issue I have is that visually some of the character faces and animations have not aged well. The cut scenes are gorgeous but the in-game stuff is not so crash hot these days. Basically, if you haven’t played a final fantasy game and you are interested, this one is pretty cheap and really fun.

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25 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X Remastered Impressions

  1. I prefer random encounters with a system (item/ability/setting) that allows you to avoid or increase encounters. Much better than “try to avoid them on the field” so many people love.

  2. FFX is such an awesome game. I still have my original copy. I also plan to get the remastered version when I finally get myself a ps4. I really loved the story line and characters. The turn based combat of this type I love. The newer style like in 13 is way too difficult for me. I kinda such at video games. LoL

    FFX-2 is a really fun game. Enjoy and thank you for sharing.

    1. See I found XIII easier because I just kind of whacked in commands really fast and hoped I wouldn’t die. It kind of worked but didn’t feel as satisfying.

      1. LOL. Button Mashing only works for a short while. I downloaded the demo and it didn’t go well at all. I can’t even put my confusion into words.

        1. I must admit that button mashing isn’t a great strategy but unless you are playing Dark Souls it will usually get you through. In Dark Souls it just gets you killed, again. And Again.

  3. Well, I passed on the ps2 version after a few hours, dialouge and combat seemed weird, but I’ll try the steam version once I get the graphics card upgrade in Feb./March. Upgrading this rig one or two pieces at a time, due to funds restrictions. 🙂

    1. This sort of turn based combat isn’t for everyone and i know it drives some people crazy. I kind of prefer it to other styles though because, as I said, at least I can’t get by with button mashing and I actually have to think the combat through.

      1. I’ve had people tell me to have two characters attack and the third as a healer in past FF games, I tried using that formula in them, but soon as I did, the monster would pull out some hit and kill my party. 10, I was just lost due to many things!

        1. I think you just need to use the right characters for the right enemy (and make sure more than one character can heal in a pinch). Also, defensive skills are just as important as attacks when facing the bigger enemies. A good defense lets you cling to life after a major smack down.

  4. Final Fantasy X is my favorite game of all time. It was also my first Final Fantasy game. I definitely agree with your points here. The soundtrack alone is nothing short of incredible. I was glad to see that the PS4 remaster lets you switch between the old soundtrack and the remastered one (is that on the Steam version?). The remastered ost isn’t bad, but nothing beats the original version of “Wandering Flame”.
    X-2 has its… less than awesome moments. Some parts honestly made me cringe. But I really love the combat system, and the game grew on me pretty quickly. There’s no accounting for taste, but I personally feel that it’s a great game with an open mind.

  5. My favorites in the series are FF V and FF X. FF X was the first game I played on the PS 2 and everything, from the graphics, story and voice overs, kept me playing this game for hours of endless fun. I think I’ll get this remastered version since my old copy is no longer working and from what I heard the dark aeons who were exclusive only on the international version are now available. Sigh… just thinking about all the wonderful memories I had this game… trully were wonderful at its best.

  6. FF VIII, IX & XIII are my favs in the series. FF VII is the most over rated one in the entire franchise. Far too many problems with it.

    WHAAAt, you can then off encounters in the steam version?! The hell!!! I want that feature too 😭✨
    I really enjoyed revisiting the game too, I forgot how much I loved it 👌
    Ah,you played 13? I still have to play it 👀
    X-2 is beautiful, specially the songs and CGI 👌✨

  8. FFX is one of my all time favourite games.

    Got the remaster on release and played it to death just as much as the original.

    Haven’t touched X-2 yet though. I should definitely give it another chance since I was never too keen on the original.

  9. I loved FF-X a lot. It was one of the best ones of the series for me too, pretty much for the same reasons you pointed out: the great characters in particular. I never liked the second part though, because the turn based combat was replaced by a system that was halfway realtime and got me really frustrated when I played it. I think I give it multiple tries, but in the end just gave up on it. Still, the original was one I have very fond memories of 😀

      1. Yep, that is what I thought at the time as well. It turned into a sort if hybrid realtime/turnbased combat system. I remember that I gave it a couple of tries, but pretty much got fed up with in the end. That said, it was years ago…maybe if I would try it again these days it would not be so upsetting. As mentioned I am not really into computergames any more these days, but at the time of FFX-2 I was pretty inexperienced. But as for FFX itself, what a game that was ! 😀

  10. FFX is by far my favorite. I really loved the story and the music is my favorite OST for sure! I specifically went to the Final Symphony for the FFX songs. I still haven’t played FFVII which I kno is the most classic!

    1. I tried VII and it just didn’t do much for me but I didn’t play it when it came out and the dated visuals just didn’t help it much.

      1. That’s also why I hesitated. The visuals is not what I’m used to as well as that battle system. FFX-III also had a difficult battle system for me. I have a hard time with it.

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