10 Days – 10 Anime Boys: Day 2 – Favourite Bad Boy

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I don’t think anyone will get a prize for figuring out my answer to this one in advance. Now personally, I’m not all that into bad boys as generally I get very little thrill out of dangerous situations. Yet, anime frequently manages to make it seem like flirting with danger might not be all that bad of an idea and so we have my favourite bad boy.

Favourite Bad Boy


Sebastian Michaelis

I do have to give Mel credit here for calling it. Sebastian was always going to be on any list of male anime characters I was in the process of crafting. I’d worry that perhaps I’m a touch to predictable, but Sebastian is kind of high quality so I’m not exactly likely to give him up any time soon. Not Sebastian or the various bits of Black Butler paraphernalia scattered about my house.

However, let’s get to why Sebastian isn’t just another bad boy and why he is my favourite bad boy in anime. Though now that I think about it I’m not sure how he’ll respond to being called a boy. Anyway…

black butler sebastian1

Reason One: He’s literally a demon.

He isn’t just some jaded guy who is too cool for rules or regulations. Actually, he’s pretty strict on following his own code, it is just a little bit at odds with what us humans would consider to be correct in most situations. Sebastian will kill with a smile on his face and with more or less utter indifference to the act so he’s got the bad part of bad boy covered; meanwhile he looks so good while doing it.

wow, favourite bad boy definitely

Reason Two: He’s meticulous and loyal.

Yeah, bad boy isn’t his only modus operandi. When not faced with any particular threat he slides smoothly back into the loyal servant persona he has carefully cultivated while he awaits the perfect moment to devour his master. While he will bring you pain in the end, like most bad boys, he just might leave you thinking it was all worth while.


Reason Three: Just look at those eyes.

Okay, I’m just a little bit obsessed with his character and honestly there’s something about how his eyes suggest that he’s both adoring you and sizing you up as a meal that just works. Between that piercing gaze and his mellow voice this is one bad boy I would happily hold my hand out to even knowing it was likely to get cut off.

There’s really no competition for me. Sebastian is my favourite anime bad boy. That said, who is yours?

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6 thoughts on “10 Days – 10 Anime Boys: Day 2 – Favourite Bad Boy

  1. I haven’t seen much Black Butler; only Book of Circus, but in there Sebastian looked like a great character. Oh, and sounded like one, too. I can never resist Daisuke Ono, and this is a fun role to listen to.

    For me: hmmm… I think it’s still Orihara Izaya from Durarara. Total psychopath who cares nothing about other people’s safety (nor his own come to think of it). Pushing people to extremes just so he can see how they react. Plays chess with himself using the entire city as the board. I really wouldn’t want to catch his attention. I’d be toast.

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