Fastest Finger First Episode 6: Have Phone = Have Social Life, Maybe



Koshiyama is on an outing with a friend, or at least a classmate in the same club as him so that kind of counts. And he is armed with a smartphone gifted to him by his parents so now he’s out to collect your contact info. Unfortunately, making friends isn’t exactly covered within the phone manual.


I found this sequence kind of adorable given I always used to love reading the manuals that came with new devices. Saddest thing ever was when they stopped including anything more than basic specs and part guides and made you go online to actually find out how to use the device. Even the Kindle guide only tells you how to open the user manual on the Kindle – tragic but not relevant to the show.


This episode sees our budding quiz bowl players in an arcade playing a quiz game and of course rival boy is there as well. There’s some back and fourth, some new quiz formats and discussion of how to get faster or better, and some general quizzing before your cliché bullies show up and then get taken out by another character that looks too distinct to be a random one episode character so my bet is they are showing up at a quiz meet later.

Outside of this we get the brief side story of technology girl and the club leader shopping for parts to make the buzzers, and the quiz obsessed girl helping her friend at a maid cafe for reasons that only the word ‘anime’ can explain.

I’ll be honest, this is not such a great episode. Barely anything happens and while there are some laughs to be had with less quizzes and very little narrative going on the characters were left to carry the bulk of the episode and they just aren’t up to the task, despite my finding the main character adorable in an incredibly geeky way.

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Karandi James.


7 thoughts on “Fastest Finger First Episode 6: Have Phone = Have Social Life, Maybe

  1. I hated reading those manuals tbh. Maybe because everyone in my family kept dumping them on me since I was old enough to read English well.

    …yeah ok sorry for choosing to respond to that instead of anything concerning the actual anime.

    1. I get it. Most people don’t tend to read the manual for anything unless they get stuck, but I actually just like thoroughly learning all the options before I start playing with something. The try it and see approach doesn’t work for me. I need to know what is going to happen before I try it. This is why I am struggling with Facebook. It did not come with a user manual and to be honest their help is really unhelpful.
      Also nothing to do with the anime, but oh well.

      1. I feel you about Facebook. I still have no idea how a lot of it works and I’ve had an account for a few years. The settings and info pages always seem confusing and I never know where to go to do something.

  2. I agree, this episode was weak. The main point of the episode seemed to be the introduction that female character, I don’t know her name… the one towards the end of the episode. Have a feeling she’s going to be more of an opposing force in future episodes. Still enjoying the show though and thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    1. Yeah, given the next episode, I guess that girl (still didn’t catch her name) might be important but it really is impossible to know where this show plans to go. There’s a few possibilities but mostly it just seems happy to follow the characters along.

      1. Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out for now. I haven’t seen episode seven yet but am looking forward to it when I watch it this weekend.

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