Fastest Finger First Episodes 4 + 5: Practice Makes Perfect I Guess


Review Episode 4:

I’m going to point out Koshiyama’s mother is really harsh. Admittedly, he is using a book to learn how to interact with people and socialize given he wants to join the quiz circle but her telling him he needs to work on his look first was kind of brutal. Fortunately he has other things on his mind and doesn’t seem to dwell on the fact that his mother’s only appearance in the anime so far seems to exist to tear his self-esteem apart. Then again, maybe he needs to go back to that book on social skills because suggesting the girl you are doubling on a bike is fat is probably not helping your situation unless she’s also socially inept, in which case you’ll be just fine.


This episode steps back a bit and is going back over the foundations of question structures. We’ve already been exposed to these while watching the previous episodes, but this is a nice recap and a good chance to consolidate knowledge. We also meet the girl who is probably going to round out their club or maybe she’ll make the buzzers. Basically not a lot happens this episode and yet it feels like this was needed to really bring the characters together and to give the audience a chance to actually focus on the characters.

Review Episode 5:


We’re having a joint practice this episode and of course the crazy buzzing pushing guy from the other match is there. Only he seems to be spectating not playing which results in a fairly cute competition with the other three players from the school. It’s a team match and we see that Koshiyama and friends are certainly working better as a team even if they aren’t yet there in terms of memorizing the questions.


And yes, the random library girl from last week is going to make the quiz team some buzzers and she demonstrates this by taking apart the guest school’s buzzer set. I think she’s going to be a fun character.

I’m not actually sure if this show is heading somewhere, though it does seem to be trying to set up some kind of rivalry between Koshiyama and Mikuriya and that could be kind of fun once Koshiyama has figured out his own playing style.


This continues to be really enjoyable. I particularly liked the quiz this episode because most of the questions were pretty general knowledge with only a few that required any kind of specialist japanese knowledge to answer so I was having a lot of fun playing along with them and seeing if I could get the answers first. The show itself remains watchable but is only really fun if you like quizzes.

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    1. I’m definitely finding this season a bit slower than previous seasons. I’m sticking with a lot of shows that I normally would have dropped or barely tried mostly to expand my rnage and because they don’t have a lot of competition.

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