Fastest Finger First Episode 11: Low Level Thrills Ahead



There’s not a lot to this episode beyond the obvious and yet when it ended I felt my body relax because I’d clearly been tensing up during most of the second half. It’s kind of fun to be that caught up in a single character’s emotions even if the end result is quite a sore neck.


The third round of the quiz meet continues with the second group and Akira is back in his sister’s school uniform and determined to generally annoy people. I still really hate Akira’s character but I give credit to the creators because clearly that is what his character is intended for.


The real thrill here though is Koshiyama as well see him employing everything he has learned about quizzes and questions as well as a fair desire to win even when he doubts he can. I particularly loved the final question mostly because he did exactly what I would do when I know I’ve come across a piece of information but can’t remember it. Of course they end on a cliff-hanger but from what I’ve been able to find out next week will be the final episode of the season so I guess things will come to an end one way or another then.

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Karandi James.


4 thoughts on “Fastest Finger First Episode 11: Low Level Thrills Ahead

  1. Most the time I actually don’t mind Akira’s character, but I’m not rooting for him in any way. I got pretty caught up in the episode too and was even, “Oh come on a cliffhanger?” when it was over. Guess it’s going to end one way or another next episode so let’s both hope it’s good 🙂

    1. Akira is still the low point of the series for me, but I really am having fun. Such a shame that we’re unlikely to get more of this story after the season though. It isn’t amazing, but it is pretty consistent and I’m finding it entertaining enough.

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