Fastest Finger First Episode 10: No Time For Distractions Like Backstory



They finally kind of got into the team leaders past this week on Fastest Finger First and then they decided that was too distracting from answering questions and we moved on. Or rather, Fukami does as she puts aside the question of whether their captain actually knows her brother or not and focusses on answering the questions in the third round as she fights it out for a place in the final.


So if you are desperate for back story or anything really other than the quiz itself, you probably aren’t getting it this episode, but the quiz is really fun so that isn’t really too much of an issue. Plus, with so many religious themed questions this one didn’t really require specialised knowledge of Japan and made it much easier to play along at home, presuming of course that your knoweldge of Christianity is better than your knowledge of Japanese classic literature.


All and all another fun episode and one that leaves us on a cliff-hanger as Koshiyama prepares for his own go at round 3.

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Karandi James.


4 thoughts on “Fastest Finger First Episode 10: No Time For Distractions Like Backstory

  1. Ok, caught back up with you. Man the previous episode that guy was sneaky. I thought that was really interesting too. Thoughts on this episode, it was a good time. Some of the quiz questions were SUPER easy but I can see why they would be hard in Japan.

    Looking forward to the final episodes but a little worried it’s going to leave some stuff unresolved. If anything it looks like we’ll finish the tournament so that’s good at least.

    1. It definitely feels like the tournament is going to end the season at this point, which is fine, but there’s obviously a lot more story for these characters that the anime isn’t going to address and I really doubt this is getting a second season.

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