Fairy Gone Review Episodes 7 + 8


Interest Falling… Falling… Gone


Fairy Gone Episode 7

The boredom continues and this gets one more episode to actually do anything that gets my attention because to be honest Fairy Gone episode 7 near made me nod off to sleep.


Characters talking a lot is fine. Plenty of anime I’ve thoroughly enjoyed have been talk fests. The difference being that the characters were in some way engaging where here other than the guy who occasionally tries to chat-up his co-worker almost none of these characters have personality. They are serious all the time but not interesting. Throw in that we know practically nothing about any of them and I’m just not sure what reason there is to care about what they are doing.


It is kind of tragic that they are setting up this vast conspiracy to go with the anniversary of the war and artificial fairies that are ‘losing control’ and the black tome hunt continues so there’s lots that should be interesting, and yet they are going about it in the least interesting way. Even the dinner between the three men at the top of this society, and with clear mistrust between them, was an awkwardly handled affair that really gave us little but yet more inane dialogue. The undertones in that dinner could have been intense or at least engaging if handled competently but Fairy Gone just doesn’t deliver.


And so the meandering investigation continues and I’m jumping into episode 8 in the faint hope that maybe there will be some pay-off. In honesty, I’ll probably keep watching this one until the end of the Spring season at this point but whether I continue into the second cour remains to be seen because there’s been little evidence that it would be worth the time.

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Fairy Gone Episode 8

And so Fairy Gone managed to make a double cross followed by an assassination attempt fairly dry viewing and while I will admit I managed to stay more focused in episode 8 than episode 7, I still really have no buy in with this show or its characters.


On the bright side, they seem to have given up on inconsequential and completely deconstexualised flash-backs as a narrative device. On the other hand, the screen time that used to be filled by those is now filled up by yet more dialogue driving home exposition of a story we’ve still been given no reason to connect with emotionally. Any vaguely interesting features about the fairies themselves or the action has utterly disappeared as the most creative this episode got was a wall being broken and then a guy being tackled. I’d call that disappointing to say the least.


Then the entire anime is still ugly to look and the music is unremarkable. I’d say that this one is getting points for not being incompetent but just wholly unremarkable to the point where it is tedious to even think about. There’s no fun or energy to compensate for the short comings, nor is there anything deep or meaningful to contemplate. It is basically just empty viewing or empty characters walking through a plot that is devoid of any kind of emotion.


But hey, they stopped the assassination so I guess that’s a good thing. I don’t really know what difference it would make in the long run but they did have pretty much all the characters we’ve met from the main pair’s backgrounds watching the attempt and there’s the whole guy who didn’t try to save the guy being assassinated. So I guess these are plot points to pursue. Now if only they’d try to make me care about it.

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Karandi James

4 thoughts on “Fairy Gone Review Episodes 7 + 8

    1. I’ll be sure to check out the next one. But this and Hitoribocchi are both close to being dropped as I’m just struggling to find anything nice to say about them in episode reviews at the moment. I don’t mind picking a few faults with a show or a show having a trash episode, but when it feels like I’m being nothing but negative it might just be time to move on.

  1. This one has become sort of background noise for me now while I have my lunch. I only stick with cos the girls look cute. Sad eh? 🙁

    1. I’m still contemplating whether I’ll even make it to the end out the spring season with this one. I’m tempted to just cut it loose and call it given it does not seem to be improving in any meaningful way.

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