Fairy Gone Review Episode 5


What do these fairies even do?


Episode 5

See, episode 5 made up for episode 4’s lack of flashback at the start by giving us a super-long flashback of Marlya and Ver’s part which told us absolutely nothing new about their childhood and mostly just made us aware that Veronica tried to kill some guy after the war and got arrested. I’m not entirely sure we needed that much time eaten to get that much information but it was incredibly jarring when we cut back to the present with Veronica diving through the window to save Marlya.


However, my issues with Fairy Gone and its fairly inept use of flashbacks aside, my biggest issue with episode 5 is the fairies themselves. Once again the lack of clearly established rules undermines the conflict and mostly makes immersion impossible.

As Veronica faces off with the creepy guy he repeatedly summons his fairy and on being injured it explodes spreading debris and flammable liquid around and then he immediately summons it again. Over and over he does this. I’m not sure how this fits in with the inability to summon a fairy immediately that has sustained injury given his fairy self-destructs. Nor am I really sure why his fairy leaves behind flammable residue when the others seem to just disappear.


Like most things in this series, the fight sequence between Veronica and the creepy guy goes on far too long and ultimately adds little to the story. Once it is over Veronica simply reiterates to Marlya that she should believe that Veronica is dead and then she runs off.


The more interesting part of the episode goes to Free’s fight in the tomb but we only see bits and pieces of it and then it is done.

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Finally we get to see all the group in their uniform go and have a drink and a bar. It is a jarring change of scene, doesn’t seem to add anything of any note, and is largely a flat way to end an episode. Though I guess we do get an after credits scene of Veronica humming to herself and why that is relevant I have no idea.


Realistically, this anime just isn’t being very well done. I’d love to think it will pull itself together but by and large I found this episode far more missing the mark than hitting it.

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Karandi James

2 thoughts on “Fairy Gone Review Episode 5

  1. Yeah, this episode was pretty frustrating and didn’t really tell us much. We already knew that Veronica didn’t want Marlya to find her. We already knew or at least should assume that Free is pretty tough having survived the war. The tune that Veronica was humming at the end was the same as the traumatized girl that was living with Marlya at the beginning but they grew up in the same place so that doesn’t mean much. It’s not like Ray humming a tune that on Isabella hummed to her unborn child.

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