Fairy Gone Review Episode 10


It’s All About Marlya

Marlya and Free - Fairy Gone - Anime - Episode 10

Fairy Gone Episode 10

The aftermath of the death of a collegue and Marlya decides to make it all about her and her being cursed. The problem Fairy Gone faces with this is that it really does make her look ridiculous when everyone else has known Ozz significantly longer and is also feeling regret and responsibility and yet they try and make this a turning point for her character.


Free also gets into the self-loathing a little this episode, but in his case it feels a little more earned. As the leader of the mission that utterly and completely failed and resulted in the death of a comrade, as well as an experienced war veteran, Free has a lot more of the weight of this riding on him than Marlya should. More importantly, Free himself shakes off his depression and glumness and reaches out to help Marlya. All things considered, his character is coming off as the MVP compared.


Meanwhile, in the background of all of this the mercenaries are still doing stuff, the dukes are still doing stuff, the various government groups are still doing stuff. There’s lots of stuff happening and I’m guess it will become important fairly soon but each scene is give so little emotional weight and everything has the same kind of dull look about it that it is very hard to know which parts we’re supposed to be focused on or caring about, if anything.

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Once again we get an excess of flashbacks thrown amongst the limited story we get in the episode. Given Fairy Gone is all about Marlya in this episode, we see once again her childhood though foucsing more on her being adopted and then her new father dying of some illness. We’ve seen bits of this before but there was some new material, even if it added little.


After the excitement of last episode a more contemplative episode made sense, however all things considered this was kind of just marking time until we get to the next exciting thing.

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