Exposition On A Plane With Index And The Terrorist

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode Review Title Image

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 10 Review

There are fewer things sadder than falling out of love with a franchise but I just have to admit that is where I am with A Certain Magical Index. I’ve put the final decision off until episode 13, but I’m almost certain this one is a drop. What is making it worse though, is that this season is making me really question why I actually even liked this show in the first place.

To go through the issues of this episode would take too long, so let’s just look at the moments that really illustrate why A Certain Magical Index season 3 is failing to really engage. 

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 10

Firstly, we have an encounter between Misaka and Touma at the oh-so-familiar vending machine. That seems great and all. Misaka’s a great character and the vending machine is a staple set piece in the anime at this point. However, what was this scene doing? Really? Other than hoping fans would squee with delight over seeing Misaka was there anything happening in that sequence? Touma asked Misaka not to tell anyone about his amnesia? There were quicker and more logical ways to get to that point. Was it the comedy that was supposed to land as Misaka blushes and actually feeds coins into the vending machine? Because that was most definitely a swing and a miss as the anime continues to undervalue its female characters.

Then we get the scene in Touma’s apartment where he gets the call telling him he needs to go to England. The joke where Touma asks Tsuchimikado to make it quick and so no further information was given before hanging up was actually pretty amusing, so even though from a plot point of view it is maddening because we’re having a scene change for no explained reason, it kind of worked. What doesn’t is that right after that the window is broken as a smoke grenade is lobbed in to the apartment and both Touma and Index are knocked unconscious. 

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 10

That could work if they woke up all surprised by where they are, but instead, through flash backs, we find out they went to the airport, rejected the plane that was organised for them, and took a regular flight to England. So why even knock them out? Could the writer not figure out how to end the scene? 

Then we are finally subjected to terrorists on a plane. Index, we’ve seen terrorists on planes before. So many times. You have to at least be vaguely competent in this one because what you’ve delivered this week is half-hearted at best and what should actually be an interesting transition sequence from one city to the next turns into yet another mangled mess. About the only positive is that Stiyl shows up, in another plane for some reason, and throws some magic around. And again, unless they are just hoping that the mere presence of a character cooler than Touma makes the audience jump in delight there really isn’t anything to this scene.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 10

So positives are few and far between and negatives are overwhelming. This episode isn’t alone in this though as Index has gradually worn away any leeway I was willing to give a franchise I genuinely liked. I’m now at the point where I just have to wonder why they even continue to churn this out.

Then I realise, I’m still watching it. As are a lot of people. So either other people like it more than I do, or we’re all just continuing to keep up the popularity of an anime that really should just fade away. One thing I do know, A Certain Magical Index is falling flat for me right now and while I’m committed until episode 13, I’m almost certain to drop it after that. 

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4 thoughts on “Exposition On A Plane With Index And The Terrorist

  1. Not really sure what’s so hard to understand about it.

    First the gas thing seemed to be part of the joke that he needed them ASAP. And the “rejected plane” was that extremely fast one that isn’t exactly safe for regular people. It’s been a few years so it’s understandable that a lot of people would’ve forgotten that plane.

    Second, Stiyl “showed up” because the Archbishop was content with letting blow up but the rest of her gang didn’t like that idea so she sent Stiyl to make sure Index arrived safely. That’s all they really cared about – Index.

    I’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about this episode so it’s not just a “you” thing but I really didn’t see what was so hard to understand about it. Necessarius wanted Index back in London but Touma and Index didn’t want to fly that plane. Terrorist was on the plane they did get on, , Necessarius tries to ground the plane using magic to make it look like the fuel is leaking but the plan doesn’t work because terrorist tells them to keep it in the air. Necessarius then talks for a bit and decides to sent Styil to resolve the issue. He arrives and does exactly that (after Touma had mostly taken care of it). Pretty straight forward.

    It’s definitely not as strong as previous seasons. This is largely due to it being really rushed. They’re trying to fit in nearly as much content as Season 1+ Season 2 had into a single 2-cour season. It’s not gonna work out too well but overall I think people are overreacting to how “Confusing” and “bad” it is. It’s still better than most the generic stuff airing right now. And hopefully it leads to a really solid adaptation of New Testament.

    That said, I hope you at least read other reviews when this season of Index finally ends in Spring. I’m still praying they figure out a way to make this pacing work. I have some mental issue that stops me from being able to drop things once I’ve gone past the 25% point so I’m pretty envious that you can do that lol. I sit through so much bad anime…

    1. It’s not so much hard to understand as that it is unnecessary and they’ve given no reason for it to be necessary, or even interesting. The entire thing with the gas is utterly pointless, wastes time in the episode and ultimately makes it even more disjointed than it should be. Even if they used it in the book, surely someone looking at the awkward scene transitions in this episode could step back and just say, ‘you know what, we don’t need this’.

  2. Yes, this is the problem with the books as well, there are great characters like Misaka and Index, but they and Touma have hardly changed since Volume 2. Touma lost his memory in Volume 1 and finally Misaka finds out in at the nd of Volume 16 and then nothing happens with it in Volume 17. Movement is slower than glacial. And as you say it focuses on Touma way too much and should give more time to the heroines, Index especially has been given hardly any development at all 🙁

    1. Half the time you can almost forget Index even exists in this story, which is kind of a problem given her name is in the title. However, even if the characters were developing, the plot itself is all over the place. It really hasn’t been good for awhile now and I think I’ve hit the end of my patience with it.

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