Exploring Innuendo and Bread At The Festival

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Conception Episode 7 Review

There’s no real polite way to point out that this is trash, and it is the kind of trash that just keeps getting trashier. I’m not even sure what they were trying to do with Colette’s character early in the episode with all the puns and innuendos but mostly she came off as a little bit unstable and Itsuki was his normal oblivious or flustered self depending on how blatant the latest comment had been.

Conception Episode 7 Colette and Itsuki

I think it was at the moment that Conception threw the question at Itsuki of what part of Colette he thought was the softest and best to nibble on (out of Colette’s mouth mind you) and after visualising the seemingly way too young girl in various manners he mumbles out something like ear and so she makes bread in the shape of ears that I officially threw up my hands and asked myself why I’d committed to watching this anime. The lack of labyrinth action (other than a brief scene of some of the star children leaving it) was also a bit of a disturbing trend given I’d really like to know more about Itsuki’s purpose in this fantasy world.

Conception Episode 7 Ear Bread

And while we’re on the concept of fantasy, what is with the fill a bag of panties stall at the festival? Okay, not the weirdest thing Conception has thrown at us, but it still seemed needlessly random. I can’t even put this one on Mana because he was busy setting up a haunted house, mail run rendezvous so was totally out of this picture.

Conception Episode 7

Then I realised in all of this I’d lost track of how many of the maidens Itsuki’s actually been with. I think it is ten now but I’m not entirely sure. Either way, once we’ve had all twelve I wonder if they’ll actually address the plot that they established as their contrivance for all this match making?

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