Evil or Live Episode 3: I Didn’t Think It Was Possible, But It Is Getting Worse



This show is not good. It didn’t start well, but at least had an interesting kind of premise even if the execution was questionable, but at episode 3 I just have to admit that this is going to be kind of terrible. I also have to admit I kind of need to know how it ends so here I am condemning myself to another Bloodivores type experience.


The main problem (there’s a lot of problems but the main one) is that Hibiki is an inconsistent and just plain uninteresting lead. Episode one he was rebellious and jerk of a teen taken away from everything and scared. Since then he has been up, down, and all over the place but this week he tries on cowardly but just minded human. They also attempt to give him some back story with Shiori hinting he used to run but he didn’t really want to talk about that so while that may come back later for now it is just a random point thrown in to a character that makes little sense.


Even if I choose to ignore his inconsistencies and put those down to the extraordinary circumstances he has been dumped into, he’s still an idiot. He can’t do anything by himself and yet he burns Shin. He continues to think things will be okay like when he goes to collect food for the guys in his room, despite every bit of evidence so far being that nothing will be okay in this place. So far his actions and thoughts have just been too dumb for words.

It doesn’t help that other characters are horrible just for the sake of being horrible so far. Maybe motives and reasons will emerge but at the moment we are just watching horrible people be horrible to other horrible people and the plot isn’t going anywhere fast. This week we see Hibiki promise to save Shiori but he has zero possibility of achieving that and everyone knows it. Even he knows it. So where exactly is this story going?

Anyway, if you haven’t started this train wreck I would recommend avoiding, however should it get better I’ll let you know.

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Karandi James.


9 thoughts on “Evil or Live Episode 3: I Didn’t Think It Was Possible, But It Is Getting Worse

    1. I think this show missed the part where even if the audience doesn’t like a character they still need to care about what happens to them. This show has kind of done everything possible to ensure we don’t care.

  1. I have been meaning to say this for a while, but I haven’t neccesarily found the right way, I just wanted to say that your work rate is INCREDIBLE. The fact that you manage to publish as much work as you do at the consistent quality level that you are at is frankly amazing. I am endlessly impressed.

    1. Thank you and hopefully you continue enjoy. I wish I had a little more editing time on some posts but hopefully people will just continue to let me know when I’ve stuffed up too badly and I can go back and fix it.

  2. Whew..Thanks for the warning. Dodged a bullet there, although sometimes it can be beneficial to go back and check on the really bad ones after a while and see if they have changed any.

  3. Same question I had, “Where is this going?” The staff seem to either be about abuse or a paycheck. Because the kids outnumber the staff, they technically have taken over and run amock. So, what is the end game here? What are we supposed to get out of this?

    As you said, no one is likable, even our protagonist, so hoping he survives is out the window. The female lead, while lovely, doesn’t really inspire loyalty, and while Shin is smug, and the lead instructor a butt head, they don’t have a love to hate type of vibe. They are just butt heads.

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