Evil or Live Episode 2: Could There Be One Nice Character In This Story?



This week we move away from the instructors and their deliberate acts of cruelty (though they do get one fairly ominous looking scene) and instead we focus on the cruelty that people can inflict upon one another once they start forming packs and seem to have absolutely zero empathy. It wouldn’t be so hard to watch except that each new character you meet seems to be more warped and twisted than the previous, to the point where for a moment I kind of thought Hibiki wasn’t so bad (then of course I remembered he’s an obnoxious little rat of a human being).


This is certainly not comfortable viewing as we have female ‘students’ publicly groped and stripped and deals involving females sleeping with a male in order to gain access to a phone. Though one has to wonder where the instructors were during any of that and how purple hair has seemingly unlimited information access (which opens up a whole other series of issues).


Visually this remains odd and from a story point of view, uncomfortable. Yet it is kind of like watching a train derail in slow motion so I somehow don’t think I’m going to look away just yet particularly because despite finding every character in this show so far to be hideously obnoxious, I still actually kind of want to know what happens to them (even if what happens turns out to be very bad things).


So, not recommending this one but not dropping it either.

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5 thoughts on “Evil or Live Episode 2: Could There Be One Nice Character In This Story?

  1. This series sounds both horrible and intriguing at the sane time. I hate shows like that: they are almost impossible to step away from, but they at the same time they might end up like a total waste of time lol 😂

    1. I agree. I don’t want to drop it because I’d really like to know where it plans to go, but it is also pretty bad. Oh well. There’s a lot of good shows this season so maybe this makes a nice contrast piece.

  2. Just wanted to check in to tell you that I continue to read all of your posts, even if the stats don’t show it; I read via my e-mail. You’re doing great, I love your blog!

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