Evil of Live Episode 4: Enough is Enough



Realistically I should have dropped this one earlier but I was kind of intrigued about what they might do with this set up even though I hated the characters and the story so far. Well, this week kind of convinced me that all they plan to do is be horrible to one another over and over again and somehow call that entertainment. Maybe there is some overall story that will eventually emerge but I’m not hanging around any longer to find out.


See, you can have a story about horrible characters doing horrible things to each other, but the audience needs to think something is going to change or some point is going to be made from it all. Evil or Live doesn’t give any indication it wants to do that. Though there seem to be plots bubbling within the school environment, they mostly just seem to be plots to do more horrible things and I somehow doubt we’re going to get to any kind of moral or message other than don’t be complete scum and treat others like trash.


So this one is now dropped and I’ll be catching up on some shows from previous seasons so hopefully I’ll find something to review in this one’s place.

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5 thoughts on “Evil of Live Episode 4: Enough is Enough

    1. Part of me is still kind of curious about whether they will do something with their concept but to be honest it was so horrible to watch even my curiosity wasn’t enough to keep me watching. The only sad part about that is it can’t be my worst anime of the season if I don’t finish it.

  1. I would definitely consider King’s Game as one to replace it. You still have characters doing unspeakable things but at least there is motivation for it.

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