Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 9: Here’s a Set Up



So it is a new school year and Inaba is now a second year. Other than that, nothing has really changed and we’re still just kind of following him around occasionally observing things that might be interesting. Though, this episode does rather heavily and clumsily point out that something is up with the new teacher other than the fact that they end lessons mid-sentence.


But otherwise we just hang around the apartment, Hase visits, they laugh over some fly eating plant yokai, Ryu returns… Things just kind of happen and some of it might end up being significant and some of it is just stuff. It is all kind of maddening because there have been some good ideas in this show but overall it is kind of like someone gave the most boring person on earth a camera crew to follow them around.


Basically, Inaba lacks any kind of motive outside of his initial wanting to move out of his uncle’s house. Once that was accomplished, way back when, he’s had no goal and no reason to do anything. So we’re watching a protagonist work toward nothing.

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