Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 8: Today, My Friend Came Over And Nothing Happened



Given it has now taken three episodes for Hase to realise Inaba is surrounded by weird things, to learn his friend has a magic book, and then actually to show up at the apartment, you would think that something would actually happen during the visit. You would think that. Instead, he is overly courteous, showering the residents with gifts, making friends with everyone easily, has a bath and a sleep and then rides off on his shiny motorbike almost without incident.


There’s a minor moment of maybe something will happen when the book guy brings another weird thing into the apartment but that is a moment of tension quickly killed off and then we resume the nothing happening tone that kind of predominates in this series.


While shows like Natsume have proven that sometimes nothing really big happening can be charming, Elegant Yokai Apartment Life lacks characters you care about, an understanding of pacing, and just isn’t able to be particular charming. It punctures sweet moments with poor placed humour and more feels like a tumble of events leading to nothing.

So basically episode 8 continued this show’s trend of being pretty underwhelming.

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