Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 11: Shifting Tone and Lack of Conviction



While it will become apparent from my Feature this week (tomorrow), I am really not loving this show. It was one of the few titles I was genuinely anticipating this season and the overall delivery has been mediocre at best, though reasonably uninspired is probably a better statement.


This week finally delivers something that looks like a real conflict and even then we waste air time with the characters going crazy over food in a moment of light hearted comedy that was utterly at odds with the subject matter of the episode and made no sense given the situation. By the time we got back to the matter at hand we’d forgotten all the earlier build-up which was heading in an interesting direction.


Then we get the end of the episode which I guess is supposed to be having us on the edge of our seats but because of the inconsistent delivery and tone pretty much all it made me do was roll my eyes at the cheap plot device to drag us into one more episode. See, Princess Principal did much the same thing this week at the end of its episode, but due to actual build up and a fairly good effort at characterisation all season, that plot device worked whereas this one falls pretty flat.

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