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Review Episode 2:

While there isn’t anything wrong with playing clichés for laughs, parodying earlier time periods, or even being derivative, if that is all you are offering and you aren’t particularly funny then your show is in trouble. Chuta may gain some confidence as a person this week but as a character he is pretty unimpressive. I’ll leave it to Misuzu to put him in his place though, either that or a soccer ball that remarkably didn’t hit him square in the face only because they wanted to go lower for their laughs.


Then we have the monster of the week who kind of looks pretty much like a villain from the Powerpuff Girls or any of the shows around that time.


Before Misuzu gets her very own magical girl transformation (alien girl transformation?).


Needless to say I wasn’t too impressed with the happenings this week and while the show could have legitimately had every single cliché it rolled out and still been good, the visual issues, pacing and, fairly flat delivery made this amusing but only in the laugh because they are trying so hard kind of way.

Review Episode 3:


I wonder if the writers realise that when someone says ‘cue the violins’ they are usually being sarcastic or metaphoric? Probably not given after Chuta messes up we are stuck watching him go through semi-depression while we get a strings piece in the background. Honestly, a lot of this episode was painful and I was kind of thinking I was done, and then the last 5 to 6 minutes of this episode happened kind of giving me some hope that this story might actually be ready to do something. I’ll probably be disappointed but I’m going to give it another episode.

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6 thoughts on “elDLIVE Episodes 2 + 3

  1. Protecting Auntie’s muffins is a motivation I can appreciate. That screenshot is gold, lol.

    I actually didn’t notice the strings when I was watching, but I guess that is a dead giveaway that they were going to go melancholy for a bit. It’s really hard to tell if the cliches are clever or not because how do you hit this many if you’re not doing it on purpose? Then that begs the question: What is that purpose?

  2. Like all Akira Amano’s works, this one starts out with a comedic tone and an episodic pacing before getting to the battle focused arcs with all the character drama and life threatening conflicts etc.

    Amano is a weird artist in the sense that all her works start out like this. Reborn! was a gag Manga for the first 61 chapters before suddenly becoming a battle Manga with an insanely thought provoking power system and a supervillain who was literally an unstoppable force, in a similar vein as Aizen from Bleach.

    ēlDLIVE suffers from the same problem in its beginnings as well, although for nowhere near as long (we’re more or less done with the gags at this point).

    I’m glad you’re giving the show another episode. We’ll be getting introduced to Gucchi next week, one of the more interesting characters for various reasons that are spoilerific.

    I hope you don’t get disappointed.

      1. I will admit, had I not read the Manga before this adaptation, nor had I not had any prior experience with Amano’s works, I’d probably feel the same as you do.

        Hopefully Gucchi will help win you over a little more!

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