elDLIVE Episode 9



I really wish that this show hadn’t tried to shove all the new characters into Chuta’s class at school. It just seems incredibly pointless and the ongoing human ignorance of alien presence (“what is that cosplay?”) is just getting ridiculous. Even the citizens of Sunnydale eventually woke up that they were living on a hellmouth (sorry for the Buffy reference).


Anyway, this episode seems mostly pointless but I’m kind of hoping they tell us sooner rather than later what is actually going on with Misuzu in terms of her not being able to stand Chuta’s smell. They’ve belaboured this point for far too long now for it to be nothing. Also, Dr Love is every bit as fun a character as I thought he would be. Too bad the other two girls have added pretty much zip.

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Karandi James.


4 thoughts on “elDLIVE Episode 9

  1. No one with an ounce of cool in them will mind the Buffy reference 😀

    My take on Misuzu is that she really likes Chuta’s smell a lot now, and wears the noseplug to keep from being distracted so she can keep acting tsundere. Or at least she used to wear it until it flew off and declared her a woman. : /

    This episode did it for me. I’m going to watch through the rest of the season but I don’t have anything of merit to write about it anymore. Having everyone at school was as pointless as I expected, though Dr. Love saying he forgot his fake name when introducing himself was gold.

    I laughed at the sight of that guy putting ladybugs into individual boxes, but what kind of plot is illegal bug export? This episode didn’t achieve anything and sought humor though the same jokes that it’s been using for several episodes now.

    1. Agreed. Nothing happened in terms of plot progression and the humour has definitely worn thin. Which is irritating because there is so much potential in the set up of this show that just seems to be continually squandered.

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