elDLIVE Episode 7



Well, we are no closer to figuring out what Misuzu’s fate is going to be, but this episode does offer some interesting moments. I get the feeling Dr Love is going to be a highly entertaining addition. He isn’t afflicted with ongoing stupidity like so many of the cast have been, and he really manages to nail those one-liners.


The final parts of the episode, while significant from a story point of view I guess, aren’t really that fun to watch. Maybe if I were younger, the whole hope and believe in yourself message here might have struck a chord but mostly I was just worried I’d roll my eyes clear out of my skull. Still, there were definitely some good moments in this episode.

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2 thoughts on “elDLIVE Episode 7

    1. Let’s let the data alien stick to logic. Okay, I’m cold but this was kind of lame. Some shows (Sailor Moon) manage to convince me to go with the whole hope and teamwork thing, but I think there’s something in the delivery and the connection to characters that manages to actually sell that as a theme rather than just a tag on during crucial battles. Or maybe I’m just biased to Sailor Moon.

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