elDLIVE Episode 6



Misuzu is being interrogated for releasing a prisoner and they have film of her doing it but it turns out that she probably doesn’t remember doing it because she was some sort of test subject and is being medicated. Not sure how  that makes it not her fault (or the fault of those supervising the administration of the medication) but apparently if we rescue some doctor on earth we can clear it all up. Cue a partnership between two girls with contrasting personalities and Chuta. On the plus side the Captain finally got to show off some moves.


This episode was interesting to watch but several moments in it kind of fail any kind of logic test when you reflect on the episode. Besides, they had a classic let’s have the villain just randomly do something truly horrible (like blow up a room-full of people) in his opening scene just to prove he was some kind of threat rather than making him seem threatening. As always with this show, there are parts I’m really interested in and other parts that just make me wonder when they are going to get it together.

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3 thoughts on “elDLIVE Episode 6

  1. I would be interested to see how the manga introduces some of these characters because in the anime it does feel quite rushed. I’ve been assuming the episode count creates a bit of a crunch for them but I have a sneaking suspicion that some things like Blow-up-ball-room badguy are introduced the same way. As typical with a lot of shounen anime, the point is shoved in your face and then the heroes work their way toward addressing it.

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