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Amazingly enough we didn’t get any kind of twist. The spy was Vega. We do get an angsty reason why and in the end we save him but seriously for a season finale having the recently introduced character turn out to be a traitor and call that a wrap on the season is just kind of lazy.

Of course that’s a criticism I could extend across a lot of this. The suddenly being able to recruit aliens all around the world to take out DeMille’s ships is just a cheap throw away plot device because otherwise the heroes can’t get out of the fix they are in. But there’s no speech or negotiation scene. It’s just, hey, here’s an idea, and it’s all done. If it was that easy, why were the ships even a threat?

Additionally, the final fight between the space police and DeMille Junior is just so easy and over and done with too quickly. Playing the theme song and hitting us hard with guitar riffs doesn’t make it any more exciting. The only fight that had any punch to it was between Vega and Chuta and the outcome of that was so incredibly clear that it just didn’t feel worth it.

So I’ll write my full review of this show and sadly put it among the titles of shows that maybe could have been so much better than they ever were.

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4 thoughts on “elDLIVE Episode 12

  1. Unfortunately the adaptation chose a filler ending over adapting the two best arcs of the series, a decision I’m unhappy with.

    Regardless, seeing one of my favourite Manga’s come to life was great fun, and I had a good time with the show overall.

    I’d highly recommend reading the Manga if you get the chance. The Something Missing arc is good stuff!

    Looking forward to the review.

    1. I think I’m annoyed at this point because I just kept thinking about what could have been with this. I have no knowledge of the manga at this point, but there were so many interesting ideas in this show but the show itself was never that interesting.

  2. Entertaining, but not as good as it’s predecessor hitman reborn. That had several seasons. Dr. Love looks very much like the teenage version of Lambo.

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