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Chuta has heard a voice in his head for as long as he can remember and unfortunately he ends up arguing with it or misses things in the real world which means a lot of hie classmates look at him as though he’s a little weird. Then he gets transported to a space ship and is recruited into the space police force. Don’t ask me what’s with the capitalisation in the title. I have no idea.


My honest opinion is this episode was not particularly good. There’s a knowing we’re walking you through a clich├ęd plot line nudge, nudge, wink, wink mentality during the first half that is kind of tedious and not many of the jokes hit their marks.


Chuta and his conversations with an unseen voice kind of rescue this and make it bearable but the first half of the episode is either dull or derivative depending on how negative you want to be about it (pretty though).


The second half doesn’t really score any points for originality either but the pacing works better and more of the jokes seem to hit their marks. The fight sequence is kind of amusing to watch. It isn’t a spectacular battle by any means but then again Chuta isn’t exactly a sword welding warrior so the fighting actually seems to fit his character and the sequence is handled well. I really like the concept behind this show but the first episode is definitely a little rough. My hope is that now we’ve kind of established the story that things get a bit better in the second episode.

elDLIVE is available on Crunchyroll.

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3 thoughts on “elDLIVE Episode 1

    1. Probably not but concept-wise I want to know more so it gets points for making me curious, and it did get better as the episode progressed which is a good sign for episode 2 (maybe – or maybe I’m being hopelessly optimistic).

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