Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Series Review


There’s no mystery that I really enjoyed aspects of this anime. Yuuko took a place on my Top 5 list of Characters with Convenient Missing Memories and the anime made my top 5 list of supernatural anime. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues with this series. With its varying tone, characters that don’t always click, and generally a sense that the main story is really only about four episodes worth of content and the rest is just kind of padding to flesh it out to a whole season, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a fun ride at times but isn’t exactly A+ material.

So what is it about?

Teiichi Niiya has just enrolled in a new school and after getting lost in the old school building comes across a room that is rumoured to be haunted. There he meets Yuuko, the ghost of the school and somehow he can see and touch her. The two form the Paranormal Investigation Club to figure out the mystery of Yuuko’s forgotten past. They are joined by Kirie Konoe who can also see Yuuko but is convinced she’s an evil spirit and Momoe Okonogi who would love to see spirits but remains blissfully ignorant of most of the goings on.

Just so you know, there are spoilers in the review below.


As much as I genuinely love the experience of watching Dusk Maiden of Amnesia it is a hard anime to recommend to someone else. The biggest issue being that this story wants to be three separate anime and keeps changing its mind and shifting directions. That isn’t to say that each part isn’t entertaining in its own way, however the abrupt tonal shift and change in direction for the characters is a little bit jarring. Also, the first episode, while amusing if you watch it through after watching the rest of the anime, is a pretty terrible introduction to the series. Given how many people will stop right then and there, it isn’t a mystery as to why so few people end up talking about what is otherwise a fairly reasonable anime.

One of the positives of this story is Teiichi Niiya. As the lead in this story had the potential to be just another middle-school anime protagonist. And at first he does seem like that. He starts out fairly generic and dull in his response to Yuuko’s dilemma.

Oh, you’re dead. That’s too bad. You don’t remember what killed you? Let’s find out.

But that quickly gives way. After his initial acceptance of what Yuuko tells him and the situation he starts to realise that things are off and becomes quite active in his pursuit of the truth hidden in the school. He persists in this even after Yuuko actively seeks to stop him. So does that make him just a go-getter who won’t give up on his goal?

Not really. There are several instances where things look dicey for the pair. After Niiya breaks his leg (or his leg is broken after shadow Yuuko pushes him down a flight of stairs), and after Yuuko purposefully sheds all memory of Niiya it really does look like things are done and it takes awhile and some prompting after some events for things to get back on track.

Teiichi, while accepting enough of the premise so as to not be the annoying ‘in-denial’ protagonist (of the kind William became in Devils and Realist) is also not over-powered, super-smart, the centre of a harem (though it almost goes there) or anything really other than the descendant of someone who had been close to Yuuko and an actual nice guy (but not a complete push-over for the whole series).


Yuuko is another positive. The reason for her fairly selective memory loss is not only a plot device that is explained, but it is actually kind of clever and almost believable in a supernatural story. That the trauma of her death was too much of a burden to carry that she threw it off, creating a shadow version of herself, and then she continued to throw off any negative emotions or memories, feeding the shadow version and remaining up beat regardless of the situation, feels like something that could happen (when dealing with a ghost at least). I really liked how this part of the story played out and I loved how Yuuko utterly resisted being reconciled with her memories. And when we see how she was killed it is pretty horrible.

With these two leads at the helm, there’s a lot to enjoy about how the events in Dusk Maiden actually plays out even if it isn’t all smooth sailing.


The music and atmosphere of this show is also pretty amazing. It’s part of the reason I wish they’d played this story straight as a supernatural investigation with a hint of romance instead of trying to squeeze in the school club, slice of life, comedy elements. The old school building is dripping with atmosphere and the sunsets, lighting, use of wind, everything just creates this glorious supernatural atmosphere and it is all preceded by an opening song that while it isn’t great to listen to on its own (it’s not bad) just perfectly fits what this show could have been.

But, that brings us to some of the more negative elements of this anime.


I mentioned this before but the show does not know what it wants to be other than supernatural (which doesn’t tell you much other than that there’s a supernatural element in this case a ghost). It starts off almost pure comedy with the ghost playing with Okonogi who can’t see Yuuko, and this is almost immediately followed by the ghost trapping herself and Niiya in a food elevator which leads to the standard accidental breast grabs that show up in anime all the time.

However, after a few episodes the comedy elements seem to give out to actual supernatural investigations and several cases are taken and solved (though it turns out Yuuko’s boredom accounts for a lot of the mysteries around the school). Anyway, this is very much the kids in a club phase of the story.

Then things take a turn for the dark and it seems like they are looking for some genuine psychological horror at this phase of the story but it is hard to take it seriously due to everything that came before.

Lastly, we seem to hit upon a supernatural-romance ending. Which is sweet and dramatic and really touching but was I watching a supernatural romance?

None of these parts are bad in and of themselves and they actually do all work to form a cohesive story but it’s hard to know just who the intended audience was given very few people are likely to sit through all of those different phases happily even if it is only 12 episodes.


And of course, this anime being a school comedy goes for the classic boob grab as comedy aspect. Girls have breasts. We get it. Amazingly enough this is a known fact. Do our two female students and one ghost need to compare sizes and take any opportunity to glare at each other’s busts. Does our male lead need to actually grab Yuuko’s breast to prove he can touch a ghost?

While this isn’t over the top groping or fan-service it just doesn’t feel like it fits into this story (at least not after the first couple of episodes where it kind of feeds into the comedy elements). Normally these sorts of anime antics are ignorable, but as I said, they just don’t fit with anything else on the screen so it almost makes you wonder if they were contractually obligated to include it.


The entirety of episode 1 is a problem. As an extra or something similar, this episode isn’t so bad, but as an introduction to the series it is pretty terrible.

While I know this gets said a lot, I will say it anyway. This show does get better. The first episode is really not a good example of what this show does well nor is it particularly interesting when you don’t know or care about any of the characters. This episode fares better after you’ve watched the whole series and then when you do a rewatch you actually don’t think the first episode is so bad. I just remember it took me three goes to initially watch the anime in the first place because I kept rage quitting episode 1.

As I said, this is a hard anime to recommend but if you like supernatural stories then you will probably find lots to enjoy in this even if one or two parts of it annoy. On the bright side, none of the elements really stick around long enough to be too painful because this show just keep pushing forward.

If you’ve watched Dusk Maiden of Amnesia I’d love to know what you thought of it.

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15 thoughts on “Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Series Review

  1. Ah, interesting post! I’ve made my way through 3/4 of the show and I’ve gotta say – it’s amusing to me how inverted our thoughts are on the matter.
    Then again, I agree with how you see the series doing multiple things at once. Which one we preferred is likely the difference, then.
    I thought the show was much more comfortable with the mediocre club antics than its supernatural hodgepodge, and therefore found the first episode not to be its worst – but its best thus far!
    I am finding Teiichi an absolute wet-towel of a protagonist, though. I don’t think he’s contributed anything. The only time he’s given credence for prior thoughts are fed to him; ‘Teichi, I’ve been thinking about this’ are questions answered with ‘yeah, me too,’, so, considering the romance he partakes in is entirely submissive and just going along with it, makes his character entirely unconvincing.
    Then again, I’m in the mood for some supernatural shenanigans, so I’m here. I just think the show is better at its lighter moments than heavier moments, probably related to its overall fanservicey haremy tone.

  2. Your review captured what I remember about the series: it was all over the place! What I remember most strongly, though, was the near tragic ending that got completely undone by a moment or two of fanservice. Almost ruined the effect! I’ve just told myself to ignore those last few moments…

    1. I agree. While fan-service isn’t a deal breaker for me it took a fantastically dramatic ending and practically derailed it. Just another moment where the tone of this anime couldn’t figure out what it wanted to be.

  3. Been awhile since I actually watched the series. So I can’t remember it exactly how I felt about it. I do remember starting it, then stopping then picking it up again. I do like the art though. And the OP/ED. Good review!.

    1. There’s definitely an issue with this series given how many people start and drop it. The fact that you have to convince yourself to keep watching isn’t promising and yet once I did watch the whole thing I really quite enjoyed it (despite the issues and inconsistencies). This one has also surivived multiple rewatches by me and I still enjoy it, even though I still can’t really recommend it as a must watch.

  4. Okay, well I am sold. I always like it when Animeseries aren’t conventional but are unique, and this sounds good enough for me to check it out. Especially since it also has horror elements contained within. Great review as always, and thank you for adding another series to my ever expanding library of Animeseries I still have to watch 😀

    1. As I said, it’s hard to recommend this series because regardless of what people like, there’s probably going to be part of this show that they find annoying. Still, it is fairly interesting and I do like the story behind the ghost.

  5. This does sound like it has some factors that might annoy be but the supernatural part seems good enough to give it a go anyway. I’ll have to remember to keep going past episode 1 before deciding though.

    That one screencap makes me wonder how badly those people failed biology if they think grabbing breasts will help feel someone’s heartbeat.

  6. It’s been a long while, so I’ll have to re-watch this at some point to jog my memory.

    One thing I remember clearly, though, is the final scene. And how much it pissed me off. : ]

    1. I does kind f undo a lot the impact of what you thought was the resolution. Like so many stories they just can’t let the end be dramatic and slightly heart-breaking. They have to go for standard cheesy happiness even if it makes no sense.

  7. I did enjoy this show, not my among my favourites but certainly a solid show. Actually, the first episode and the unusualness of seeing the same bit twice is the scene I remember most about and partly what drove me to watch more, the main reason being to see where the wonderful song of Requiem fit in with the show (as I’d been introduced to that prior and fell in love). I love the atmosphere of the show as you pointed out though, it uses its setting to very good effect.
    On the genre shifts I do agree there, it might have been better had it focused on two, just comedy devolving into horror, say.

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