Dr Stone Review Episode 8


Making The Magic (Science) Happen


Dr Stone Episode 8

Still no word on what Yuziriha and Taiju got up to but you could almost forget they’d ever been in the story at all as Senku goes about trying to build his science kingdom and realises he tragically lacks man-power when they are stalled at making iron because they can’t get a fire hot enough for long enough with the few members they have. Meanwhile, people in the village are suspicious of the newcomer but most aren’t hostile providing he doesn’t try to enter.


It was kind of a bits and pieces episode as Senku laid out his plan for making antibiotics and then we went through a series of skits where they collected iron sand, tried to keep a fire burning hot, sent the new, watermelon wearing character into the village to gather intel and then decided to try to make an amazing meal which turned out to be green ramen. Each segment was entertaining in its own way and it all kept moving along but nothing really stuck this week.


What does work very well are the relationships forming between Kohaku, Senku and Chrome plus the new watermelon girl. Without some kind of chemistry this whole episode would have fallen dead flat and yet these characters bounce off one another well and make the scenes come to life in a way that is entertaining.

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Honestly, I think Senku is possibly over-reaching and trying to make too many jumps forward at once rather than sticking with simple ideas and then building on them, but at the same time it makes sense that he doesn’t want to dally around and wants to get some technology back in the world. It is still unclear what is making the girl sick and whether antibiotics will cure it. It’s very unclear whether they’ll ever be able to make the antibiotics given how many steps they’ve yet to get through. But they are pushing forward and they have a lot of spirit and enthusiasm.


However, while anime food usually looks enticing, I’m going to pass on trying the green ramen any time soon.

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