Dr Stone Review Episode 7


The Sorcerer And The Scientist


Dr Stone Episode 7

We’ve found an entire village of people who are not petrified and I have to wonder if Tsukasa hadn’t come around whether Senku would ever have explored far enough to run into them. That said, Dr Stone is making the most of the whole soap thing by having Senku create soap bubbles to amuse/bemuse/terrify the guards on the bridge, not that it got him any closer to getting into the village.


Anyway, the girl we met last week, Kohaku, is apparently collecting hot spring water for her sick sister, who is also a priestess or something. Senku repurposes his pulley invention into wheels and helps her transport the water back to the village where he’s introduced to a guy named Chrome. And then we realise that pretty much every character in this village seems to be named after a rock or metal and now I’m getting Sailor Moon villain vibes.


The upshot of all of this is that Senku has met someone in the stone world who was already playing around with making things and seeing what happened, sorcery not science, and so has a fairly willing recruit in his journey to remake the world of science. The two bridge guards are less sold on the idea so it is a good thing the make-shift laboratory is on the outside of the village.

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Potentially this could be an interesting development but equally this could be a case of bringing in too many different ideas. I am curious as to whether the people in the village were never turned to stone or whether their ancestors were woken up and yet they didn’t develop beyond a basic civilisation. Also, the idea that only criminals live outside the village makes me wonder who else is running around the forest that we haven’t met.


No word this week on what has happened with Yuziriha and Taiju.

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