Dr Stone Review Episode 6


Divide and Conquer


Dr Stone Episode 6

I wasn’t sure at first why we needed to start still in flashback mode. It seemed like the whole watching Senku start civilisation had played out during the last episode of Dr Stone. However, when they transitioned from Senku calling on Taiju to wake up in the cave and Taiju calling Senku to wake up in the present simultaneously it did deliver one of the cooler moments this anime has so far delivered.


The visual similarity to soul resonance from Soul Eater kind of helped the appeal.


Also, the fact that they anime is clearly going to address the issue of why only humans and some birds, or apparently just one type of bird, was turned into stone. It is nice that they aren’t just shrugging this off but have now drawn attention to the oddness of it and will hopefully eventually deliver some kind of explanation.

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After Senku is up and we have what amounts to an extremely swift reunion, a new plan is put in motion and Yuzuriha and Taiju are off to join Tsukasa on the inside while Senku plans to make contact with the ones who sent the fire signals. Nothing could go wrong with the plan of sending the two most honest people on the planet in as double agents or trying to befriend people who probably have their own views on how the stone world should be ruled.


Anyway, Tsukasa encounters someone one his way back to the cave but it isn’t Taiju and Yuzuriha. It is some blonde girl with big blue eyes. After exchanging some pleasantries (and crossing stone blades) Tsukasa drops a tree on her and walks on. He’s really not the most social person.


Senku somehow is close enough to see the tree fall and runs to the scene (I thought he was trying to play dead) and then goes about rescuing the girl by building a pulley system. I’m kind of hoping he dismantles it before they head on their way because it is kind of a dead give-away that someone who was thinking things through moved that tree.


As usual, there are some better bits in this anime than others and it all works a lot better when you don’t think about it too much. There’s also, as always, a lot of potential for where they might take this story and there are a lot of possibilities on the table right at the moment. Hopefully it continues to be a relatively fun journey.

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