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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Dr Stone Episode 4

Is episode 4 confirmation that Yuzuriha is simply decoration and hostage material? We get a hot springs scene where Taiju puts off confessing, again, proving that he hasn’t learned anything from delaying last time. We see her being protected by Taiju when the gunpowder goes boom. Then she literally gets taken hostage by Tsukasa. I have to say that Dr Stone isn’t doing a great job making her an actual character so far and that’s actually pretty disappointing.


As was Senku’s declaration that hitting rocks together wouldn’t generate a spark. And sure, if the only material in the rock is rock that might be the case but there were standing on a volcano and just common sense would indicate that anything that might potentially spark shouldn’t be used. Particularly when Senku already had a perfectly good wooden mallet he could have given Taiju. This seemed like a terrible lapse in judgement on Senku’s part and really just made me wonder about his common sense.


Of course, we did finally get an indication that these guys aren’t the only people in the world and I guess we’ll pursue that storyline later. It will be interesting to see who else has survived or woken up and how that came about.


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But the focus, other than Senku’s scientific childhood, was definitely the showdown between Senku and Tsukasa. I will admit, for all that I’ve been poking holes at this episode, this clash of ideologies was actually fairly nicely handled and while we’re left wondering what the outcome actually is this section of the episode was reasonably good. If only Yuzuriha didn’t just stand there doing nothing.

But, young Senku is pretty cute.

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9 thoughts on “Dr Stone Review Episode 4

  1. When I started watching this series I wasn’t fully sold with the whole concept of it I guess you can say but the production part of it is the reason why I continued to watch. I like the music they have on it and the art is awesome, with that Im actually starting to get into it. Patiently waiting on a new episode to air ❤️

  2. Dr. Stone (the manga) is definitely a series that gets better over time.I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the season overall.

  3. Hmm, that’s strange. In the reader the post starts with this: “I really wish I liked this anime more. It is very pretty and nicely made and yet… Okay, there’s definitely moments in this anime that I’m enjoying and it isn’t as though I’m going to drop it, however four episodes in and I’m still feeling like we’re at the very early stages of this story.”
    And then when I continue to the actual post, I don’t see this paragraph🤔
    Just thought I’d mention this 😅
    Anyways, Dr.Stone is the seasonal anime that I am going to save to binge when it’s finished. I do like the storyline, but with four other shows, and a Chinese drama I just started watching there is only so many things one can watch😊

    1. I’m experimenting with my text excerpts given my whole post isn’t currently coming up in the reader (I’ll get back to looking into a solution to that soon). I’m actually kind of having fun writing a brief overview of my thoughts in the excerpt box and I was kind of wondering if anyone had even noticed given a few of them have been a bit more random than others.

      1. Lol…well, as you can see: I noticed 😊 But that’s great! For a moment I thought that maybe something was wrong, but this is actually really neat! 😊

      2. I noticed Irina was doing weird things with her Dr Stone excerpts in the same vein as this; namely putting parts of a sentence in them and then not having them in the post proper. It went “I think the basic idea…” for a bit but then it seems “the basic idea” is shared between her ep. 4 and 6 reviews, so the idea was probably abandoned along the way somewhere…

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