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And Then There Were Four

Dr Stone - Taiju and Yuzuriha

Dr Stone Episode 3

Well, only four humans in the whole world (that we know of) awake and we already have a brewing romance and a brewing war. Dr Stone has clearly separated Senku and Tsukasa’s stance on how they should proceed forward. What about the other two members of this mini-society? Well Taiju will apparently back Senku regardless and nobody even bothered to ask Yuzuriha what her point of view was.


And honestly, after three episodes I’m starting to wonder about her character. She was a goal or a prize, something to be protected, and on being revived Tsukasa’s first move is to threaten her safety to get Taiju to back off before Senku and Taiju drag her off on a field trip. Talk about zero agency for female characters. I was kind of ignoring it while she was still stone because you can’t really expect a stone statue to really have agency. However, her small presence in this episode doesn’t bode well given she is literally decoration so far.

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Speaking of decoration, why does the so far only female character not have cracks on her face like all three of the male characters? Really? Was it so hard to find a decorative way to add one to her face? I mean, you could make the argument that the tree was protecting her statue and that’s why it didn’t crack, but they also moved it around and threw it off a cliff playing catch with it.


However, while Yuzuriha may be a bit of a disappointing character so far, Tsukasa is actually shaping up quite nicely. He isn’t just a killing machine or a violent storm. He is actually pretty smart, quickly seeing through Senku’s plans, identifying the substance in the cave, and figuring out pretty quickly where the other three had scurried off to when they left the shelter. It doesn’t make his whole murder spree in the jungle as he goes about shattering the statues any more palatable but at least it gives his character a bit of credibility as a threat to Senku and the others.


I’m going to be honest, I’m not very keen on this whole making gun powder plan. Sure explosives can provide a range of non-killing benefits to society, but given the current state of things they don’t really need them. And given Tsukasa is just one person I don’t understand why they don’t just wait for him to sleep and then hit him with a rock. That would solve the problem simply and not then provide a tool for the next ding-bat you wake up to be able to take over.

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9 thoughts on “Dr Stone Review Episode 3

  1. “I’m going to be honest, I’m not very keen on this whole making gun powder plan.”

    I’m thinking it’s both necessary…

    And terribly, terribly depressing. What is it about humans that requires killing?

    “And given Tsukasa is just one person I don’t understand why they don’t just wait for him to sleep and then hit him with a rock. ”

    The problem with people like Tsukasa is that a) they’re usually hyper aware, so they’ll wake up, take your rock, and use it against you and b) they usually inspire stupid lackeys that’ll do that for them.

    Which is why Senku is trying to prevent Tsukasa from waking up the people of his choice.

  2. I’ve been seeing this anime around a lot of blogs as well, but with three shows now for the seasonal watch I will keep it at that. I will probably bingewatch this in one go once it is finished 😊

    1. A lot of people really love this one but there’s definitely a few of us who while we’re enjoying it still aren’t really being pulled into this story. I think I might have loved this if I had seen it ten or twenty years ago, but it just isn’t managing to grab me at the moment. Still, it is pretty well made and it is fun to watch so you’ll probably enjoy if you binge it later.

      1. Yeah, from what I have seen on some of the other blogs is that it’s a kind of hit and miss. Because of that, I’m saving this one for later and binging it in one go. I hopefully have a vacation coming up in September where I am hoping to watch a lot of stuff😊😊

  3. Yuzuriha has a cute swirl crack on her shoulder… which as you’ve pointed out is stupid. She should have had a face crack like everyone else, but they don’t seem to think that would look good.

    I’m not a fan of the gunpowder development either. Way too many things can go wrong with that choice.

    1. For someone as smart as Senku it seems like he could have thought of something that is either a one time use or something he could maintain control of after dealing with this issue.

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