Dr Stone Review Episode 2


Stand Back: He’s Going To Try Science


Dr Stone Episode 2

They have an opportunity to rebuild the world but do they want to rebuild the world they had? It is an interesting question that comes up at the end of this second episode and one that certainly builds a lot of tension going forward as the more people Senkuu and Taiju wake up the more opinions they are going to have to deal with.


Episode 2 of Dr Stone has the duo setting out to wake up Yuzuriha, Taiju’s potential love interest. However, Taiju hesitates and decides they need to take her back to camp and make sure they have clothes for her before they do that. Naturally this then opens up opportunity for them to be attacked by lions. I’m really glad Taiju asked why there were lions in Japan because I was a bit confused by that one as well.

On the run, the two wake up another student instead, one that Taiju believes will be good at fighting. Turns out he is excessively good at it and takes the lion out in one punch and spends most of the rest of the episode pummelling wildlife. However, as I said before, more people mean more opinions and Shishiou has some big opinions about the world they left behind.


One thing I noticed while collecting a few screen caps this week is how many scenes look very much the same. I know we only have a few characters so far and the backgrounds so far have either been forest or beach but the number of close to medium shots of one of the characters with a generic foresty background behind them is a little absurd.

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Then again, we have a guy who punches lions, another guy who tears around the beach collecting shells like he’s some kind of robotic vacuum cleaner, and a guy who is smart enough to go from shells to soap and concrete almost in an instant so I’m guessing they aren’t super huge on realism even if a lot of the explanations make sense.


Of course, Senku’s slip-up, or decision to withhold one of the uses of the shells from the others seems fairly prudent given the situation, but it doesn’t seem like our new human society is off to a good start if three people can’t see eye to eye and are already keeping secrets from one another.

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Images from: Dr Stone. Dir. I Shinya. TMS Entertainment. 2019.

3 thoughts on “Dr Stone Review Episode 2

  1. “Taiju hesitates and decides they need to take her back to camp and make sure they have clothes for her before they do that”

    I hate it when the plot depends on characters behaving stupidly. Forget being attacked by lions. Suppose she got broken during the transport? If you are really that freaked about it, give her *your* clothes. Or close your eyes and turn away. Saying this as a rational human being, not a nudie or a guy who enjoys well-done fan service.

    1. I know, the possibility of her getting broken was quite high. It would have made more sense to go back to camp and fetch some cloth or something to drape over her rather than carrying her back to camp.

  2. I do like that they tackle the whole “what if we wake up a psychopath” angle. If we’re saving all of humanity, who is to say what frozen acts we catch certain people in. Yikes.

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