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Dr Stone Episode 13

Just when we think it is time to make the medicine there’s a small stumbling block in their path. They need alcohol and they will only get that if they win the tournament (see Senku really shouldn’t have sent Taiju away). With most of the rest of the ingredients assembled and made, Dr Stone is all but ready to make this cure all drug we’ve been working towards and it really feels quite satisfying given we’ve travelled with the characters through every laborious step of it.


However, there is that tournament to get through and Ruri’s life is hanging in the balance. If Magma wins, it won’t matter if they make the drug or not so there’s a definite pressure on them to not screw it up. They’ve trained hard, entered as many people as they can to try to plan contingencies and done everything they could to ensure success, yet it isn’t a sure thing. Moments like the draw going the exact opposite way to how they were hoping demonstrate how some things remain outside of their control no matter what they plan.


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Though, and if you’ve read the source don’t spoil this, it seems like they’ve opened a very narrow path for Chrome to maybe come out on top. If Kinro actually wins his bout, which given the melon girl threw him the helmet with the glasses in it seems plausible, then Magma is going to be out of the running at round one. Provided Chrome doesn’t get stepped on by someone outside their crew, whoever vs him in the final round could just throw the match and let him marry Ruri. There could be worse outcomes.


Still, we’re only one match into the tournament and it wasn’t totally decided at the end of this episode so literally anything could happen. I’m just kind of hoping they don’t drag it out for a few weeks and that we get on with the plot. The speed at which we’ve moved through other aspects of this anime suggest that would be the case but I guess we’ll see what the next episode will bring.

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3 thoughts on “Dr Stone Review Episode 13

  1. Oh man, I love this little mini tournament in the manga. No spoilers from me, I just really enjoyed the way it resolves.

  2. That’s what I thought. The final will laughably between Senku and Chrome with Senku throwing the match. I haven’t read the source so I’m just speculating too. The journey to gather the goods they need had been incredibly satisfying. I can’t get enough of this show.

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