Dr Stone Review Episode 12


An Unseen Enemy


Dr Stone Episode 12

This week in Dr Stone, Ginro gets his silver spear but he’s soon apprehensive about the strings Senku has attached to it. A trip through the hot springs and to an area where the gases in the air will kill them later and he’s a blubbering mess. However, it wouldn’t be Dr Stone if the story didn’t end up being about overcoming that.


In the meantime we get to learn about making gas masks and the history of people in the past who died while going through much the same process Senku is walking these guys through. I’m pretty sure they make this whole process of making gas masks, and repairing the gas mask when it gets damaged, much easier than it would actually be given the level of technology we’re dealing with, but apparently we’re just going to hand everything to the artisan and hand-wave away the difficulties they would probably encounter. The fact that getting this wrong would lead to the death of a character more or less guaranteed they were going to get it right.


Though, getting it right isn’t the same as it being a walk in the park and Senku does try to leave Chrome at home. It makes sense not to let the only two guys who know anything about science die simultaneously in a silly accident but Chrome isn’t having any of it. Kohaku, who overhears the exchange realises that she and Chrome are very similar and she once again remarks that it is a shame that Chrome can’t marry Rui. They’ve brought this up twice now and I wonder if that means somehow Chrome is going to end up with her, but that’s neither here nor there for now.

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I actually really liked the anthropomorphic representation of Sulfuric Acid. It was a very cool visual and one that was used well to demonstrate the danger the characters faced. Otherwise we literally would have simply seen them freaking out over water so it was a nice bit of dramatisation to add in.


I know I’ve said it before, but Dr Stone has notably picked up since Senku met Chrome. It is much more interesting following the current cast and I’m enjoying their adventures in science. More of these style episodes would be appreciated.


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