Dr Stone Review Episode 11


Next Step – Chemistry


Dr Stone Episode 11

The boys are making glass in order for Senku to get some serious chemistry done, but there’s still time along the way to help Suika out with her fuzzy vision. Though she isn’t alone in having some issues with her eyes and clearly it isn’t something people really want to talk about. I wonder what will happen once Senku gets them all lines up with snazzy glasses. A new society of cute megane anime characters maybe?


Anyway, the road to making glassware is a fairly straightforward one but still involves some fetch quests and some heavy lifting. I’m kind of wondering why Senku hasn’t developed a small amount of endurance at this point. He’s been at rebuilding the world for over a year and he’s been working pretty hard most of that time. Yet apparently he’s the kind of science guy who doesn’t get fit regardless.


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I did like that despite knowing the process and all the steps, Senku still faltered on that actual creation part here. Knowledge isn’t enough for this step, you actually need skill and deft hands. Naturally that means kidnapping an old looking artisan who turns out to be totally buff underneath all those ropes (still wondering how Chrome got him tied up in the first place). Once again, curiosity and the pursuit of the new shiny thing is enough to get the artisan on board and soon Senku has fitted out his new lab.


The plot to take down Magma is still bubbling away with Kinro and Ginro practising diligently with their spears. It might not be enough but they are certainly working hard. However, I wonder what Senku has in store for them as they go on the quest to make the silver spear?


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