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Dr Stone Episode 10

It’s a rocky road building an entire civilisation from scratch. Made harder when facing resistance from one of the people you revived as well as some of the villagers that have clearly been plodding along for generations one way or another (they really will need to explain how that came about at some point). I’m going to admit though, Dr Stone has become infinitely more interesting since the cast expanded out and it is no longer just Tsukasa’s perspective vs. Senku’s. We now have a world with a whole lot of different perspectives and interesting personalities to explore.


Needless to say the villagers on Senku’s side aren’t thrilled with Gen’s fence sitting, even if Senku seems okay with it. The watermelon girl also has no real issue with it. But Chrome and Kohaku are definitely finding his personality a little despicable. That doesn’t mean they are cool with it when someone tries to kill him, and would have succeeded if it wasn’t for Gen being a natural sneak.


With this focus on Gen in parts of the episode we also got a nice flashback of when he first woke up and met Tsukasa. This is our first insight into Tsukasa’s progress since Senku faked his death and it is kind of a tease given it gives us a million more questions. Though, by and large it does convince me I don’t want to live in Tsukasa’s kingdom.


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We also learn more about the village and why Kohaku is in a bit of trouble. Turns out she won a tournament that was meant to find someone to marry her sister and become the leader of the village. However, the lead contender was someone who really should not be a leader and certainly has no business marrying Ruri and Kohaku understandably took steps to ensure that didn’t happen. This time though she needs someone else to win so that they can marry her sister and keep her safe.


While the science takes a back seat this week we instead get some really nice character and plot development. The various conflicts bubbling away and the limitations Senku is still facing as he tries to bring science back make for inherently interesting viewing now that we’ve got a few more personalities bouncing around. Hopefully Dr Stone continues to build on these strengths because I found the start a little on the slow side but right now I think it is pretty interesting.


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  1. “I don’t want to live in Tsukasa’s kingdom”

    It sure doesn’t look like the paradise he was describing… Looks more like the typical strongman/dictator setup.

  2. All the world’s humans have turned to stone. The author of Dr. Stone is very open mind and I have the opportunity to check out the animation.

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