Dr Stone Review Episode 1


The Counter Effectiveness of Promotional Videos


Dr Stone Episode 1

Here we have our overly hyped show of the season as Dr Stone promotional videos and discussion has been appearing for weeks prior to the anime beginning. I really do try and ignore it when an anime is getting that much exposure for the simple reason that it just can’t live up to expectations. Despite that, expectations do creep in.

Good friends.

For the most part, Dr Stone’s first episode actually delivered more or less what was advertised. It is a really well made episode that establishes the setting and situation the characters find themselves in and also establishes a nice odd-couple kind of relationship between the only Senku and Taiju who are about the only two people who have broken free of the stone casing, that we are aware of at least.


It was a perfectly fine first episode however because of all the heavy promotion there was no wow factor here or any real surprises. A lot of what we saw had already been revealed including the state of the world, the character designs, etc. That doesn’t take away anything from the episode, it is an interesting set up depending on what they do with it, but it means that I wasn’t as swept away by this as I might have been if I’d gone in cold.

This is a little horrific when you stop and think about it.

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I am however curious about the stone birds given the two characters found birds turned into stone before the event that turned all the humans into stone (test subjects maybe?). And why the birds turned to stone when the puppy being walked didn’t is another interesting question that I hope is at some point explained.


Outside of the episode itself, I kind of found Senku’s character design interesting. One particular smile reminded me of the raptors from Jurassic Park and I decided to make this observation on twitter. Jon Spencer then told me he reminded him of onions. I will never be able to un-see that image while watching this anime.


Honestly though, this is a great start to a season and this anime should be a lot of fun. Hopefully now what we’ve got the introductions covered we can get into some material that wasn’t already out there in the promos.

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Images from: Dr Stone. Dir. I Shinya. TMS Entertainment. 2019.

8 thoughts on “Dr Stone Review Episode 1

  1. So much promotion everywhere that there was no surprise throughout the episode. All I was surprised about was that they found a solution to the crisis within that same episode.

    A lot of the things you pointed out about birds being test subjects and the dog is very interesting because I was wondering what exactly would be the conflict in this anime. So I’m a little eager to find out.

  2. I don’t watch promo videos for anime shows so I had no idea this had been as hyped as you said it was, so I came into this one cold. Interesting start nonetheless.

  3. Oh I made the article! I’m glad you mentioned the onions XD

    Anyway, I kind of agree with you here. Beyond the bird mystery and a few small things, there wasn’t much for me in this episode I didn’t expect. Still, I am looking forward to this one so it wasn’t like it negatively impacted my experience, yet, at least.

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