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The final two episodes of Dr Stone season one deliver the final push from the science users to make a phone and in the process make an unexpected discovery courtesy of one of the 100 tales being passed down by the village. These episodes are fun and packed with great moments from the characters but most definitely leave us hanging as far as the plot is concerned (though it was apparent a fair few episodes ago that this would probably be the case). Fortunately a season two has been announced, though the lack of ending here will definitely be discussed more in my review of the whole season.


There’s really not a huge amount to say about episode 23 as Senku pushes the characters through the final steps of construction. Even moments such as Senku giving Chrome a push to solve a problem on his own without being told the answer largely gets buried in amongst the bustle of other activity going on within the episode. It is a satisfying moment nonetheless but no more stand out then any of the other characters contributing and enjoying the process of creation.


The original OP also makes an appearance for a final montage sequence and I will admit it was a lovely return. I enjoyed that song and it kind of fit what they were doing. Where I will be a bit more critical is the transition into it as it just felt like there was a lull and suddenly the music started and we were into a making montage. Still, it was a great way to end the penultimate episode of the season.

The final episode gives us one more throw back to Senku’s father who left behind a glass recording for Senku and the villagers in the future. I kind of feel they are pushing it a bit with Byakuya’s faith that his son will have both woken up and found the survivors of the astronaut’s descendants (also assuming the village wasn’t wiped out by any of the logical possibilities that could have befallen it). It makes for a touching moment and yet another excuse for a musical number in the final two episodes but it is most definitely pushing logic at this point.


That aside, we also get rewarded with a glimpse of Taiju and Yuzuriha as Tsukasa’s kingdom gets ready to go on the attack. Whether the village is ready or not remains to be seen but the season ends with the two forces seemingly prepped and ready for the ideological war to just become actual warfare. As a result they’ve left us wanting more and confirmed a season two but it makes all of this feel a little incomplete. That said, I’ll definitely watch a second season as this is a show that has gotten better and better over time.

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