Dr Stone Episode 20 Review

Stone Episode 20

Invention Is Sweet

Once again Dr Stone wants to remind us that underneath their opposing philosophies, Senku and Tsukasa do kind of think alike (or at least are both fairly practical). Both of them draw the same conclusion about when the conflict is going to occur and so now both camps are in preparation mode for both winter and the fight that will happen after spring. While I don’t know what Tsukasa’s version of preparation is, I know that Senku’s works out to be pretty delicious.


Clearly a necessary step to making a mobile phone is making fairy floss (sorry, cotton candy) and the villagers are big fans of the new product. While there is some legitimate reasoning why this step is needed, by and large I really think Senku just gets a kick out of making food from his time (much like his ramen stand).


Ultimately though we do get onto some serious invention (actually, making the sugary treat took a fair amount of ingenuity given the circumstances). The machine used to spin the sugar is actually going to make gold thread in order for them to make wires that will ultimately be a fairly integral part of the phone. While there’s a lot of hands on deck, Senku is reminded that the bulk of the villagers need to be preparing for winter (more so since their village just got burned down and rebuilt losing stock in the process). It is a reminder that even becoming village chief hasn’t solved all Senku’s manpower issues.

While Senku is working his group to the bone as they make the threads and turn it into the growing pile of wire, Chrome has a sudden inspiration and takes the artisan to make an invention of his own. I ended up with two questions (though was pretty impressed at how quick Chrome put all the things he had been observing together). Firstly, why is there only one craftsman in the village? Surely someone else could be helping at this point with the making of stuff. And secondly, even if Chrome did have a sudden flash of inspiration, he was kind of in the middle of something so I’m not sure that disappearing for three days and diverting manpower was the best contribution. I know, someone will argue that the invention will ultimately save time but it still seems like a weird choice given the situation.


So far things seem to be going well for Senku with this latest undertaking and hopefully they continue to because I really don’t think he has time for a lot of set backs. The other part of all of this is wondering what other preparations, if any, he’s made for the conflict. Communication is all well and good but I doubt Tsukasa is going to be easy to take down even if you have perfect information about where he is and what he’s up to (which by and large seems to be sitting on a throne in a cave – how does he not get bored?).

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