Dr Stone Episode 18 Review

Stone Episode 18

The First Wave

Before I start reviewing the episode I just want to talk about Kinro and how he is rocking those new glasses. Seriously, I may have a contender for favourite megane anime boy, though it would be quite hard for him to beat Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion. And that moment when all the characters jump out and they show us them wearing traditional Japanese clothes is just awesome even if it isn’t really happening like that.

Like, wow.

That aside, I definitely had concerns going into this episode that it wasn’t going to be particularly enthralling given we were getting back to Tsukasa and the whole world of science vs brute force. Totally wrong. The episode was fantastic from start to finish.


Kinro’s defence of the bridge when he first notices the invaders is admirable and I love Senku’s bluff here, assisted by Gen. I assume after the events in this episode Gen has just permanently switched sides because I would not want to be him and returning to Tsukasa after these events. Anyway, Senku and friends manage to chase off the invaders momentarily and that gives them time to start planning.


It does help that the leader of the invading party isn’t an idiot and honestly I could do with more of him. He’s also got some mad skills so I’m wondering what he was doing before he was turned into stone. Also, how does Tsukasa keep finding body-builders to revive? I mean, he is in Japan. The muscly physique most of the idiots this episode are carrying isn’t exactly the standard body shape.

Anyway, the whole village has finally come together to assist and Senku directs them in making katanas, which while being both traditionally Japanese and logical given the time constraints they are working under and the fact that even if he had time to make more advanced weapons, none of the villagers know how to use them anyway. A sword though is something they can work with.

Senku is ready to go to war.

So for an episode I expected to kind of be a little bit less enjoyable, this one really defied my expectations and delivered a solidly entertaining twenty minutes, established a new character, had some fantastic moments with Gen, introduced a great new look to Kinro, and more or less drives us straight into the next episode where I hope they don’t lose this current momentum. If Dr Stone can keep this going it could make for a very interesting climax.

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2 thoughts on “Dr Stone Episode 18 Review

  1. We’re moving in a direction I was hoping they wouldn’t though… “Senku’s technological miracle of the week”. Granted, all the background work with regards to steel was done a few eps ago… but it still doesn’t sit quite right.

    1. I preferred this to his attempt at developing guns. I think though that I’m just enjoying the characters enough at this point to just kind of go along with whatever they want to ‘invent’.

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