Dr Stone Episode 17 Review

Stone Episode 17

A Gift That Stands
The Test of Time

Episode 17 of Dr Stone continued Byakuya’s story and how the astronauts landed on Earth and survived on an island. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses but the resilience of these characters was quite phenomenal. Through the story we learn that Byakuya’s wasn’t actually Senku’s father but he is still determined to leave him the gift he promised when he went into space as he is convinced that one day Senku will wake up (there is absolutely no basis for his belief but it was touching nonetheless).


The other bit of information that kind of got thrown in there and then forgotten for the time being is that based on when social media posts stopped the source of the green light was somewhere in South America. That’s going to make it tricky for the kids in Japan to ever figure out what it is given its on the other side of the globe. I wonder if they are up for a round the world trip? Or maybe the origin doesn’t matter so much as rebuilding the world with what is left.


For the astronauts though, they are faced with hardships they never even expected as simple illnesses and the like take their toll. As much as they try to keep their spirits up all and all they are the last six people in the world and that’s definitely a dangerous business.

However, the children and their descendants, armed with the knowledge from the 100 tales that Byakuya left behind are a fantastic gift. Senku is now chief of the village and just in time because Gen has an announcement about what Tsukasa has been up to.


It feels like we’re about to round a corner and head toward a confrontation between Tsukasa and Senku. I’m not sure how I feel about that given I’ve enjoyed the story so much more since Senku went his own way and came across the village in the first place. Still, I am curious as to how this encounter will go and I would like to know what happened to Taiju.

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  1. Great article! I have enjoyed the story more too since Senku faked his death! I really liked the story of the village and its history, the resilience of the astronauts is truly amazing! I hope that we find out more about the world and how everyone turned to stone. A round the world trip would be great! I would love to see how Senku overcomes crossing the ocean etc. 😄😄

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