Dr Stone Episode 16 Review

Stone Episode 16

The Day The Earth
Turned To Stone

Well, this episode solved the mystery of why there is one random village that seemed to have people that weren’t turned to stone in it. Of course, I’m now scratching my head wondering why they have no technology. Largely because if the village was founded by astronauts surely they’d have passed on basic things like gears and the like. But the history lesson isn’t over yet so maybe we’ll get some clarity around what happened in future episodes.


Dr Stone continues its run of fairly compelling episodes and this one brings us back to the day the earth was turned to stone only this time from the perspective of those looking down upon the earth from space. It is a truly surreal moment and the group very quickly need to come to terms with the fact that they may very well be the only non-stone humans left which leaves them with all manner of problems including getting back to earth without a support from the ground. Still, given this all starts with the story of the village I’m pretty sure we can safely assume they are going to land.


I did really enjoy getting a bit more of a perspective on Senku’s father though. I’m pretty sure we briefly saw him the last time we were flashing back in Senku’s life, but we didn’t learn much about him. In this episode he really becomes a character in his own right.

They also reminded us about the whole petrified swallow thing which is still interesting because it was clearly happening before the green wave of light hit the whole planet and so I’m very curious as to what was going on (clearly the intent).


I can’t wait to find out more about what happens next in this story with the founding of the village and then get back to Senku in the ‘present’ and hear what his next plans are. Normally a flashback like this would kill narrative momentum, but here it feels timed just right and it is filling in information that we need, helping us understand the current situation, and it was just entertaining to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Dr Stone Episode 16 Review

  1. This was an example of the right way to do a flashback. They’ve teased us for several weeks about Senku’s family name and the village, so of course, we’re going to eat up a flashback that gives us what we wanted. Unlike, an unnamed series that seemed to just throw flashbacks at us with no context or anticipation and hoped that some of it stuck.

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