Dr Stone Episode 15 Review

Stone Episode 15

Victory Tastes Like
Sulfa and Cola

It’s been a long time coming but the tournament is finally decided, in a really weird manner, the Kingdom of Science get their alcohol and then it is a really fast manufacturing process to get the drug to Ruri because suddenly we have a real time crunch. It makes for an episode that just hits the accelerator and runs and before you know it the episode ends. However, the important thing to note is that Senku did keep his promise about making Cola (in amongst everything else he was doing).


I was kind of surprised with how the tournament turned out. Not at all surprised that Ginro misunderstood Ruri and then needed to be beaten for real because the guy is a bit of an idiot. More surprised that they did decide to throw another spanner in the works. It all kind of works out though you have to wonder if the concept of divorce would even exist in this kind of village under the circumstances.


Still, Dr Stone managed to avoid a lull after the end of its tournament. The fighting might have ended but there’s still plenty to get on with and like everything else, participation in the tournament was merely a means to an end rather than an actual goal. It helps keep the momentum of the story rolling along even as this particular part gets wrapped up.


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I will say that the science babble gets a little intense in this episode. I’m sure it mostly makes sense but I’m equally sure that it wasn’t really necessary for Senku to say half of it given the people he was talking to equally didn’t have a clue what he was going on about. Then again, I never did like Chemistry all that much so it probably makes sense that about midway through most of Senku’s drug explanations I’ve kind of zoned out.


However, while all this has been going on, future developments have been kind of hinted at and the end of this episode most definitely gives us a new line of inquiry meaning that we can keep moving forward. The way Dr Stone keeps bringing new developments and ideas in helps keep the story feeling like it is going somewhere and hasn’t allowed for any real lulls in the story so far. Hopefully we learn a bit more about the village next episode.

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  1. I’d like a quick look at Taiju and Yuzuriha though… they were put on a bus a whiel ago and have been basically forgotten about. Maybe Asagiri brings news?

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