Doreiku The Animation Series Review: Another Cool Premise Gone To Waste


Doreiku presents viewers with a very cool set-up. What if there was a device that would allow you to play a game with someone and the loser was made to become the winner’s slave? There’s so many places such a concept could be taken and yet what we find in this anime is that we’re just going to tread over the usual vices we’ve seen before with nothing really new on the table.



There’s nothing wrong with stories that want to explore the darker side of human nature or even human misery. I’d argue that stories are a good place to explore such things and to make audiences think about situations they might not otherwise understand or to ‘safely’ experience emotions that might otherwise be pretty traumatising. With the initial set-up of Doreiku I was kind of hoping once it got over its shock factor in the first episode (and believe me, it is trying to be shocking with its rape and idea of total enslavement being paraded around front and centre) that it would actually look at the motives and desires of those involved or maybe explore the notion of freedom overall.

And while you argue that the anime does explore these things, it ultimately ends up being a very shallow dive. Meanwhile the viewer is subjected to a meandering plot, an unnecessarily large cast, and more than a few illogical plot points that kind of exist just because someone somewhere must have thought they were cool.


It all just kind of ends up being an empty viewing experience. Every character (with the possible exception of Eia), seems to think they are amazingly smart and that somehow there’s no chance of them losing. And every character ultimately cheats at the games or resorts to violence and intimidation to set the game up in such a way that they can’t lose. And as the number of masters gets fewer and fewer and the number of slaves gets larger, what we realise is that no one writing this show really thought about what these characters would do with slaves.

Yes, there are the usual sexual antics in places and a lot of the male characters are used as muscle. But scene after scene will show a master talking, and boy do these characters like to talk and yet say nothing, while a handful of slaves stand pitifully in the background. Is that really the best they could do? You enslaved multiple other humans and now you just have them kind of standing around.


Though Eia and her original partner Oota aren’t all that much better really. Oota’s just thrill seeking and uses Eia for insurance. And once he gets a taste of power he gets nasty yet we’re still somehow supposed to hope Eia saves him. Eia gets swept up in Oota’s scheme because… well I think it is meant to be because she’s bored or wants a challenge but it never really becomes clear. Midway through the series, Eia suddenly decides she wants to free all of the slaves by, naturally, enslaving them. I just wonder if after all is said and done if their brains are going to permanently fried but the series also isn’t interested in answering that sort of question about the devices in question so don’t ask.

So the characters are pretty dull, there’s no real theme or message to wait for, and the plot is a meandering and cluttered mess held together only through who currently owns who, what does that leave us with? Visuals that are okay but not great. Music that works with the show but isn’t memorable. A cute puppy, but it is also wearing a device and is a slave.


If you’re just kind of curious, it isn’t the worst thing ever, but there’s not a lot to recommend this one. That and if you are easily upset by difficult subject matter, then definitely give this one a skip. It is deliberately confronting at times but doesn’t really address any of these issues.

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7 thoughts on “Doreiku The Animation Series Review: Another Cool Premise Gone To Waste

    1. I know. Because the whole time you are watching it you just thinking how much better things could be or what else they could have done with it. Not to mention, in this case I stuck around hopeful that they would get to doing something worthwhile which meant I then ended up fairly disappointed.

  1. Hmm, when I read the premise for this in your opening paragraph I was thinking what a cool concept. But, when I read to the rest of the post, this pretty much diminished my initial enthusiasm for it. So…I’m pretty much going to skip this. I definitely would not be upset in any way by the difficult subject matter, I have seen darker shows I guess. But it just doesn’t sound that good. Great post though! 😊

    1. I was pretty disappointed with this. Conceptually it could have been fantastic and yet poor writing and just a really underused concept just made this a pretty bland and dull watching experience. And calling something that is really going out to try and shock its audience dull is a real indication of how hard it missed its mark of actually making this an emotional experience.

      1. Yeah, I often wonder how things like that can happen honestly. Sometimes you see a concept that is really so cool, and they manage to mess it up so badly anyway. Real shame, as I have to admit that I really liked the concept of this😊

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