Doreiku The Animation First Impressions


Alright, it is an anime about a device that allows people to turn other people into slaves so expect that things are going to get reasonably dark, but otherwise, how was this first episode?


After the first episode to Magical Girl Site, I was a little bit wary starting this one, given the premise of this anime sounds like it could get very disturbing very quickly. And in fairness, it is kind of unsettling and certainly we have issues concerning rape, revenge, and other subject matter that isn’t going to be for everyone. Yet something about this I found quite intriguing as I wondered about the motives of the participants and people who willingly use the device knowing what the potential consequence could be. I wonder about the main girl’s narration and how she wished she’d never met the guy who is clearly about to drag her into this ‘game’. Most of all, I wonder whether this will actually have a message given it seems to want to say something, I’m just not sure what yet.


If the subject matter turns you away, fair enough, but this was a pretty solid first episode. While the characters are only loosely sketched in and fairly unremarkable at this stage, I’m hoping they get some better development over the series, but the premise is nicely explained and there is certainly a lot of potential for directions it could go in. I finished this episode wanting the next one so I guess this is staying on the list for now.

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Karandi James


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17 thoughts on “Doreiku The Animation First Impressions

  1. “I finished this episode wanting the next one so I guess this is staying on the list for now.”

    Best reviewer news I heard all day. A lot of people are already saying that they’re dropping this, so I’m glad you’re still checking it out and covering it.

    1. I can understand why it would be dropped. While there are some potentially interesting ideas for exploration, the episode itself doesn’t do a lot and there’s quite a lot of competition for attention this season. Still, I’m in to see if they do anything with the ideas. They might not. It wouldn’t be the first time something that struck my curiosity early on burned me.

  2. I’m only sticking with it since I’ve watched the live action and know a bit more about the actual plot based on the manga. I’m satisfied with how it started, and interested to see how close it follows later.

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