Doreiku The Animation Episode 9: Introducing A New Cast of Characters


I always thought episode 9 seemed like an excellent time to introduce two entirely new characters plus a split personality in an existing character. Makes perfect sense in terms of narrative pacing.


So this week we get a flashback to see how Crazy Girl lost her dual to the sleazy scientist guy and it turns out she didn’t. His custom SCM just lets him enslave people who are wearing an SCM. Great. That’s just what this story needed, a god-mode style cheat to the game.


And were you still wondering what the deal with Zero was way back when he first got enslaved and there was that whole five minutes where it was a big deal that he resisted an order before no-one ever mentioned it again? Turns out, even though this anime hasn’t addressed the point in any episode since, Zero now has a split personality with his dead mother taking over at times and she has her very own SCM (how) and is now making her very own slaves (why). Does this noticeably improve the story? Not really, but it does create yet another faction in this mess of a plot and eats up screen time so we don’t get to notice how shallow Eia’s characterisation has been despite her technically being the narrator during early episodes. Incidentally, she doesn’t show up at all this episode.

Onward to more fun with human slaves and poor plots next week.

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12 thoughts on “Doreiku The Animation Episode 9: Introducing A New Cast of Characters

  1. Hmm…reading this post brings back memories of King’s Game. Is it an anime that is terrible but still fun to watch, or more along the lines of ” Please run away now while you still have a chance 😂😂”

      1. Hmm, well with the amount of anime I really have to catch up on now (lol) I guess this one is not going to be very high up on my list of must watch titles 😂

        1. I’d skip it. Honestly, the only must watch shows I’ve got at the moment are all franchise continuations. Full Metal Panic, WIXOSS, and My Hero Academia. The rest of the anime I’m watching, while some of it is quite pleasant, I’m not really into enough to care if I missed the next episode.

          1. Wow…that bad a season huh? Hmm..I was kind of worried that I had missed out on a lot of good shows, but reading this..I guess I worries about nothing. Still probably going to check out a few anyway, just to satisfy my curiosity lol 😂😂

          2. I’ve had fun this season, but there aren’t a lot of anime that I’m going to go out of my way to buy or keep on DVD from this season. Quite a few pleasantish stories and romances, but not overly remarkable.

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