Doreiku The Animation Episode 7: Battle


This week Eia takes a break as we see the showdown between Ryuuou and the Crazy Person and their slaves.


This week we get to see Julia’s story and how she went from being Seiya’s girlfriend, to a freeloader, to a slave. What this story tells us is Julia was pretty messed up even before becoming a slave and that’s about it. We already knew Ryuuou wanted money the only thing this segment adds is the reason why and as normal for this show it is just horrible people being horrible.

The showdown between the two groups of slaves had the potential to be interesting but mostly just came down to a series of encounters and one person getting knocked down by some underhanded means or another before Ryuuou, who is being set up as being so much smarter and more prepared than anyone else, basically just walks through the battlefield and wins the day.


It isn’t overly exciting and while it means Ryuuou essentially owns all the slaves we’ve met up to this point, there isn’t a lot going on in this episode. This anime still hasn’t really delivered anything other than a fairly poor series of encounters between horrible characters.

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