Doreiku The Animation Episode 6: The Dog’s Perspective


When Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love gave us an episode narrated by Nyanko Big, it fit the tone and style of the show and was just kind of amusing. When this anime puts words in the mouth of a dog the end result is pretty lame.


With the first half of this episode a retelling of events through the eyes of Zushimaru (the dog) and only adding in that the SCM was originally developed to train pets but the research was stolen, this actually feels like a good point for people to drop the anime altogether. It hasn’t really delivered much of anything with vaguely fleshed out characters and a plot that is pretty ordinary. Thematically there are a lot of possibilities in the concept but none of these have actually been delivered upon and so basically we’re just watching horrible characters go through the motions of being horrible to one another. But even then, the anime isn’t actually ready to push that factor so despite enslaving people and a couple of pointed horrific moments, most of the slaves end up just kind of standing around as set pieces.


The second half has Eia saving Outa after he is enslaved, as per their agreement, and her sudden decision that she wants to enslave everyone in order to free them from being slaves. And again, this might have been an interesting direction for the story to go in, except Doreiku has little to no credibility at this point in time at being able to explore things in an interesting manner. I guess we’ll see what next week brings. Given Eia’s on top of the world, I wouldn’t doubt that she might end up getting enslaved herself real soon.

On that note, surely the safest course of action would be to free the people she’s enslaved and simply ask for their help. As her slave, if she get’s captured, their ownership transfers so they can’t save her. If they are free, they might return the favour of helping free her. But that’s the kind of logic this anime refuses to consider and so let the poorly constructed games continue.

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