Doreiku The Animation Episode 3: Credibility Falling


You know how you can suspend disbelief for an out-there premise as long as what follows on is logical? Well Doreiku is kind of pushing the limits of what my rational mind will allow to disregard for the sake of narrative. How did you find this episode?


This week our main pair of player kind of fade into a footnote with a minor set-up following on from the ending of last week’s episode before we are introduced to a new pair of short-sighted thrill seekers playing with a slave making device. Really, no one in this anime actually considers the consequences of their own actions so it really is impossible to feel sorry for any of them, even as their world literally gets torn apart after they lose a duel.


However, that’s business as usual. What makes this episode a potential world breaking moment for me and possibly the point at which my ability to buy into the premise of this anime (as flawed as it is) was the dog wearing the SCM and apparently duelling the man. Seriously? How did it even establish the parameters of the duel and as a master how does it give commands? More importantly – It’s a dog! Sorry, my ability to accept a premise as flaky as the master-slave system in this world kind of fell apart at that point. Honestly, this kind of spells disaster for ongoing enjoyment of this anime as realistically, unless they get me back on-board with the premise I’m unlikely to care about any future events.

But that’s just me. How did the rest of you see this episode?

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