Doreiku The Animation Episode 2: Fun and Games


Guy tries to make a girl a slave but she turns the tables on him. Then they both take on another pair. These people are kind of dumb. Your thoughts?


When losing a game means becoming a slave, you think these characters would be more careful with the choice of game, the rules established, and their opponents, and yet it really seems like these people all believe themselves invincible, until the moment they lose. Of course the main pair don’t lose in this particular episode. They have to get in much deeper into this mess first before that would have any impact.

Don’t they look confident of victory?

Part of me is now wondering who developed this device and why the rules around it are what they are. It isn’t that I’m looking to world break, I’m just wondering if there was some other motivation other than bored twenty somethings living life on the edge and occasionally falling off of it.


I continued to enjoy the set up going on here. While there are certainly some problematic parts and the premise doesn’t really hold up under much scrutiny, the story is so far not seeming to want to add in any ridiculous twists for the sake of it. It is all kind of just watching and waiting for something bad to happen to the main pair, which of course it is going to. It is a matter of when, rather than if.

Your thoughts?

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