Domestic Dramas and More Mundane High School Problems

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Domestic Girlfriend Episode 7 Review

It feels like this anime put the accelerating drama on hold and decided just to let all the characters ruminate on the current status quo. The end result is a far more satisfying mix of interactions between the characters even if this means a deeper dive into the potential of a relationship between the main three. However, the possible relationship between Hina and Natsuo is problematic as it is, and worse is Natsuo potentially starting a relationship with Rui in order to prove Hina wrong. All and all, this episode just kind of nailed the tension inherent in the situation, added just enough drama to make it entertaining, a bit of sex just because that sells, and mixed it all into what was an overall slow moving but enjoyable watch.

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I will admit, I had some real tension early in the episode when Hina began leading Natsuo into the ocean. I’m not the biggest fan of drowning scenarios having a lot of anxiety around water and I wasn’t really sure where they were taking that scene. Fortunately they aborted the situation, though I’d really like to know how Hina assumes that double suicide is the appropriate response to the confession of a student/step-brother.

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I did however like that relationship drama, while present throughout the episode, wasn’t the only thing going on. The Literature club that they joined is looking toward its publication for the school festival and there are exams to study for. Life goes on even while these emotional hits just keep coming.

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That said, finding a happy ending here may not be possible given Hina is clearly still in love with Shuu (who, it turns out was her teacher when she was in high school – this anime loves its coincidences), Natsuo is in love with Hina though he’s trying not to be, Rui is clearly jealous of everyone who gets close to Natsuo and is pressing her advantage at home, and all and all this just seems like heartbreak is right around the corner for more or less everyone involved. At least the parents seems happily married though after actually having a presence earlier in the anime they’ve since slipped into the role of missing anime parents, though the mum did make a brief cameo in this episode.

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6 thoughts on “Domestic Dramas and More Mundane High School Problems

  1. High school club and school festival. That almost defines high school anime.

    Doors not even shut, let alone locked while people engage in private acts. Where have I seen this before?

    1. I did in the first draft but… I just don’t really have words for that one. I’m sure that scene and the suppository scene will feature in my overall series review but I’ll wait until I see where this ends up.

      1. Ah…I was expecting an in depth discussion on the practicality and effectiveness of that particular position vs conventional techniques! 😉 Not to mention why the door wasn’t locked too! 😛 😀

  2. Not sure if you read the manga as well, but I really like how the anime builds on Rui’s jealousy over these past episodes! Since the events don’t follow the same order as the manga, I can’t decide which way I like it done better. Hina’s insert song for this episode was awesome though!

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